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    One image per thread

    Dear Members,

    As per our rule kindly post only one image per thread in the Wildlife Photography sections. Based on suggestions you can of course edit the same image and repost it in the same thread for additional feedback. However, please refrain from posting multiple images in one thread in the wildlife photography sections.

    It becomes difficult to critique if there are many images in one thread. If you are going to describe a sequence of events of unique behaviour, then you can post multiple images of the sequence in Natural History. Similarly, you can also post multiple images to describe about your trip to a wilderness area in the Wilderness Updates or in Conservation News and Conservation Imagery.

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    Critiquing images


    We want to make the IndiaWilds a great learning experience for members. The Best way to learn is by offering criques to images posted by other members. Place yourself in their shoes and try to visualise the situation and think what you would have done to make this image better. You will realise that you are able to learn a lot in this process.

    Is the composition good or do you think it could have been better if the subject would have been at a different position? Is the centre of interest to your liking? Is the centre of interest given enough emphasis? If you are showing the mountain range, do you have more focus or emphasis on clouds or foreground elements that distract?

    Is the eye contact good and engaging? Do you think that the photographer could have tried to move closer? Some crawling in the belly would have been good? Or waiting at a place for the subject to come closer?

    Do you think that the background is right? Well diffused or distracting? Did the photographer use shallow depth of field (an aperture of f4, f5.6 etc to isolate the main element and throw the background out of focus)? Or do you think that using a higher aperture (f8 and above) has helped in bringing more of the background into focus and thus giving a good idea about the subject and its environment?

    Do you think the image could have been brighter? Is the exposure right? Are there underexposed and overexposed portions in the image?

    Does it strike an emotional chord in you? Or is there something different that you can do?

    When you take time to comment on images of other members, they will also reciprocate and take time to post comments to your image and help you learn.

    And last but not least, don't forget to add information about the species, habitat, behaviour, issues regarding conservation etc so that we are able to appreciate the image better and our understanding of our wildlife and wilderness areas increases.