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  1. Wild boar feeding on Deer Kill
  2. Sambar's Sore Spot
  3. Mating Behaviour of Tigers
  4. The Elephant Mating Game Part - 1
  5. The Elephant Mating Game Part - 2
  6. The Tiger - a natural history.
  7. The Predators of Nagarhole.
  8. Tiger: Hunting Method
  9. Tiger: Positioning of feet during Stalking
  10. Tiger: Sense of Smell - Flehmen Response
  11. Man – eating among tigers.
  12. Jungle Myna bathing in rain
  13. Rat snake and the parakeet
  14. Bird Behaviour: Mobbing
  15. Mimicry
  16. Adaptability: Bird Beaks
  17. Feeding on Parthenium.
  18. Lantana & Langur
  19. Bee rubbing - by Small Green Bee-Eater
  20. Gaur Mating
  21. Spider hunting Wasp
  22. Langur Mating
  23. Elephant & Tern Interaction.
  24. Langur debarking
  25. Elephant behaviour during Attack
  26. Gaur Calf Suckling at night
  27. Sambar battles tigers, crocodiles for 24 hours
  28. Shikra or Drongo
  29. Interaction between Shikra and Crows
  30. CHE feeding on Nilgai Fawn
  31. Mudpuddling
  32. Vulture mating
  33. Gaur Snorting
  34. Elephant behaviour before charge
  35. Double date: Gir lion mates with 2 females
  36. Colony of Scorpions Eating Winged Termites
  37. Macaque Intertroop Siblings
  38. Palm Squirells Mating
  39. Scaly Breasted Munias
  40. Changing colors of an Agama......
  41. Rat Snake mating
  42. Striped Neck Mongoose feeding on crocodile eggs.
  43. Revised Classification of the Common/Hanuman Langur
  44. 2 new species of spiders found in Western Ghats
  45. No one can predict nature......
  46. Yellowfooted green pegions: mating
  47. Wild jumbos lose fear of humans
  48. Grey Heron eating fish that was caught by Indian Cormorant
  49. Country notebook:m.krishnan
  50. White throated KF diving at BW Jacana chicks
  51. Army formations of Little Grebes
  52. Black panther spotted for first time in Punjab.. source - TOI Website
  53. Black Kite eating in flight
  54. Spittlebugs
  55. Myrmarachne: Ant-mimicking Spiders
  56. The voice of the voiceless wild:a tribute to m.krishnan
  57. my friend WB King Fisher
  58. Striped Hyaena article
  59. Little Egrets fighting for a fovorable perch
  60. Mixed diet :M.Krisnan The Sunday Statesman 26 August 2012
  61. Moor hen and the snake
  62. Rollers in love
  63. Little Cormorant making a trail
  64. tailorbird & cuckoo
  65. Boxer Mantis
  66. Myna pecking Sambar's sore spot
  67. Green Bee Eater - notes and observations
  68. Needlefish | Escape behaviour
  69. Draco Feeding on Weaver ant
  70. Musth in Female Asiatic Elephant
  71. Opportunistic Snatch
  72. Unusual Feeding Behaviour of a Grey Headed Fish Eagle
  73. Barbet thrashing Garden lizard
  74. Draco mating
  75. Fact - Lesson to Sub Adult Tiger Cub by Tigress mother
  76. the crocodiles of Carambolim
  77. Spotted! Black Panther family
  79. An ordinary evening in the life of a Bandhavgargh Tigress
  80. The Life Cycle of Common Crow butterfly ( Euploea core )
  81. The Tiger who went up a tree and couldnt come down-Kanha, march 2012
  82. Leaf bird collecting spider web for nest
  83. Oriental Darter Fishing
  84. Weaver Ants: Behaviour
  85. Tusker Caught in Act - Masturbating
  86. Airforce v/s Army
  87. cobra vs viper
  88. Moth parasite?
  89. Bioluminescent Fungii
  90. Spider vs Amboli Bush Frog
  91. Wallowing Sambar........Bandipur
  92. "For his ears only".......A Tiger and its hearing aid
  93. Stalk-eyed Flies
  94. Roots of the Mangroves
  95. Whistling Teal fleeing Marsh Harrier Attack
  96. Sahyadri Cruisers
  97. Feeding behaviour of young Blue-throated Barbet (Megalaima asiatica) by their parents
  98. Bee-eaters of Naguvanahalli
  99. White-rumped Munia (Lonchura striata) feeding on green Algae
  100. Tree hopper(leptocentrus taurus)
  101. Sea Snakes and Fish Spines
  102. Territorial display and fight of Pheasant-tailed Jacana in breeding season
  103. Black-tailed Godwit - A world traveler and staunch warrior
  104. Mushroom Sporulation [Video link]
  105. Mechanism behind the "Take-off" of Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea)
  106. Lion tailed Macaques-Two genetically different populations
  107. The magnificent necklace!!!!
  108. Ghost Crab - the Designer
  109. Territorial fight of Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa)
  110. The bold girl with a cool guy
  111. Drama: A wasp and a jumping spider.
  112. Black-winged stilt mating ritual
  113. Tiger cub long leap
  114. Method of food collection by male Speckled Piculet for its nestlings
  115. Stretching the wings
  116. Dust bath of a Bengal Bushlark (Mirafra assamica)
  117. Food collecting behavior of dung beetles (the rollers)
  118. The prolonged flood situation in Manas – contributing towards the changes in ecosyste
  119. The Koel’s interesting feeding behaviour – favouring the farmers
  120. Nasal salt secretion of Oriental Pratincole
  121. Leopard devouring Domestic Kill.....Outskirts of Sariska!
  122. The Hunt sequence of the Velvadar Wolf
  123. Trembling Sambar Deer,Sariska
  124. The Courtship feeding of Orange-headed Thrush
  125. The Branch of tree from where I spread my wings.
  126. Yawning of Asian Openbill Stork
  127. Failure in my artistic life and a White-eye's chick
  128. Bounding Chousingha!.....Tadoba
  129. Not more than five hundred
  130. A few words on the mutual courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill
  131. Diary of Manas- Malayan Giant Squirrel and Capped Langur
  132. Buff striped keelback catching frog
  133. Air-breathing process of Asian Swamp Eel
  134. The legend of Manas- Indian One-horned Rhinos
  135. Who are those that whisper?