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Ranbir Mahapatra
03-06-2009, 01:51 PM
An acclaimed museum in London, which houses works of Renoir, Monet, Picasso made news recently by paying an obscenely high amount to buy a work of art which comprised of an empty room with a light going on and off every few seconds. A venerable curator of a national museum paid a premium to buy a hermetically sealed container containing excrement of a neo-modern artist. The artist & the curator thought it was high class art and didn’t think twice of spending taxpayer’s money on it. It seems this particular exhibit was a hit with many. Personally, I think the art in question actually stank!

The point is this: Photography is Art AND Science. And in matters of art, perspectives oscillate between extremes.

Remember: Art is the artist’s personal prerogative. Making an effort to understand the artist’s point of view (PoV) & then putting forth your PoV is the correct way of appreciating / critiquing art.

This brings me to the “Mirchahani male with a kill” thread. The image has provoked differing opinions. It’s heartening that some members have analyzed the image and have shared why it does not work for them.

I would not like to get into the technicalities, but here’s my take on two issues:

Mital Patel: This is not of a wildlife photographer’s image.

I respect your PoV. Some of the observations are well thought out. There was ambiguity in your statement itself; Sabyasachi has clarified. Contrary to what Harshad has alleged, let me assure you that Sabyasachi has a fanatical aversion for animals in captivity. The artist here wanted to showcase the tiger in its habitat. Perhaps the grass surrounding the subject has stolen the thunder from the tiger. This image has a striking similarity to an image of a tiger with a kill I had seen in a NG. Differences are a bit more saturation and full utilization of the prime, thus making the tiger a bit more visible that the one posted here.

Kiran Khanzode: *The reason* I join this thread seriously now is your comment about "India" "Indians" and how they can compete with "foreigners". Bringing India/Indians in this thread gives me hints of your insecurities being an Indian.

I have spoken to many forum members to gauge their sentiments. We unanimously agree that for some reasons you have completely distorted and misquoted a rather benign statement. Personal defamation seems to be your only intention.

INDIAWILDS celebrates Indian wildlife. This treasure belong to the entire humanity, be it Indian, Algerian or American. Many have joined IndiaWilds because of its values: Conservation of Indian wild and its celebration through photography; and this is achieved by active collaboration amongst members and moderators. If you go through past images, you will find amateurs honing their skills through constructive feedbacks from members; and especially Sabyasachi.

We are surprised that you have completely misconstrued his statement about Indian photographers.

To master an art, practice is crucial. You can’t go to the field one fine day and adjust the ap/WB etc to get a perfect image! The cost of equipments, primes & the “film rolls” did deter many in India to indulge in this vocation. Let’s face it, equipment does make difference in the art you create and a larger number of photographer’s in the west have easy access (affordability) to such equipment. Here digital cameras are eroding the elitist tag previously attached with serious SLR photography. Sabyasachi stated a fact and it should be taken that way.

On a different tangent, why are we proud of Kalpana Chawla or Bobby Jindal in India even if they were / are Americans? Why does India get euphoric when India wins medals in Olympics? Recognition in international level is but natural! From what I gather from members, I don’t see any harm in fostering a sense of healthy competition to vie with the best in the world.

Also, I am surprised by the loose, vitriolic comments made by Harshad on the same. Please note, this forum is not a personal cyber fiefdom to boost the ego of a few. INDIAWILDS is genuinely concerned about Indian Wildlife. Let there be no ambiguity about it.

For the lack of better words, members are absolutely vexed by such juvenile, jingoistic, over the top harangue from the concerned members. Personal slander is not tolerated in this forum. The comments posted by them were indeed derogative and in bad taste.

I had sent a PM to both members calling for an apology for indulging in such unsavoury slander in the forum. Unfortunately, the two members have chosen not to adhere to the rules laid out in the forum.

This leaves us with no choice but to ban Kiran Khanzode & Harshad Barve from INDIAWILDS with immediate effect.

Chitrita Chatterjee
03-06-2009, 04:17 PM
I am glad the action was taken so quickly.....
the entire episode was extremely juvenile and in bad taste...the forum is for those who enjoy the wild life .. the pics are part of sharing that interest..... critiquing/critisism of any picture is valid but why get into personal attacks.. ridiculous.....
my personal view of the pic in question, despite acknowledging that it wasnt among sabyasachis' best is that 1) it shows the tiger in its natural habitat..2) are we looking at wild life photography in natural surroundings or are we looking fr studio portraits...3) who wud go and tell the Tiger to Pose for the camera and move the grass from b4 its eyes....
I have in the past posted pics that have little or no value in terms of pictorial quality... but have nevertheless effected me in some way or the other and I have wanted to share it with the forum members.....

enough said abt this ugly episode... happy to leave it behind...


Rahul Parekh
06-06-2009, 08:44 PM
I think, Everyone has right to criticize the image but not the person. Everyone should use decent & gentle language when matter is related to someone's work....

I'm also member of the many international forums of wildlife artists. As an Indian i never ever get any racial comments from anyone till date. Everyone give respect to me as an Indian Wildlife Artist. I think word 'Indian' or 'India' should not considered as racial unless used with some harsh words. In fact I've some very close friends from different countries. If they don't see us differently than why should we see us differently.

I read the 'Tiger Kill' thread and found some comments are really harsh & personal. Some Members' have lost their control on writing and thinking. If someone has any excuses for the image than he can explain in gentle behaviour too. English is the most gentle language for speaking and writing (Hope this is not racial :) use it properly with heart & mind... :)