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Prajwal J Ullal
13-08-2013, 10:38 AM
Few months back I had been to the Bhandup Pumping station along with a colleague. Expecting to spot few flamingos or waders we moved along the water body but later came across this remains of a flamingo's beak. No idea if it was hacked to death by humans, predator or did it die of some natural causes. At Bhigwan there was a trend of killing the flamingos and consuming it as a delicacy, until the local conservationists started educating them and stopped the killing. Hope the same isnt happening at Bhandup Pumping station or its neighboring areas.

We couldnt find any other parts of the remains apart from the beak. There were loads of feathers lying around but those were all along the bank of the water body, may be due to the shedding while the waders clean their wings

Canon EOS 550D
Canon 55-250IS
Shutterspeed 1/200
ISO 200
-0.3 step

Mrudul Godbole
13-08-2013, 06:01 PM
Oh this is sad. I hope efforts are being done to stop this killing. Thanks for sharing the information.

P.S - I am shifting this thread to CI, as I feel it is related to conservation.

Prajwal J Ullal
13-08-2013, 06:04 PM
Ow, Thanks, Didnt know about this section.
I moved along few other areas in the same location, but there werent any other dead bodies, so hope it died of natural causes, its just the absence of the remaining body was bothering me.

Sabyasachi Patra
14-08-2013, 02:34 PM
Death can be due to natural or due to poaching as well. If poaching, people cut off the head and throw away and carry the meat after dressing. Natural reasons can be due to jackals or just disease.

The presence of large amount of feathers can be either a predator feeding on the bird or a poacher cleaning the feathers. Did you find any sign of wire traps?

Prajwal J Ullal
14-08-2013, 02:46 PM
I couldnt spot any of it, but during my previous visit, I came across a person who was a part of a group who looks after the whole area and he seemed to be pretty serious about taking care of the place as well as importance of the migratory birds. So I hope they do patrol the area.