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Prajwal J Ullal
09-03-2015, 11:30 AM
While entering the Gandhi tekdi of Sanjay Gandhi national park an aged person approached me with some fallen off flowers, i guess, and mentioned that it was a very rare flower from a flowering tree and one cannot find this anywhere in Mumbai or may be even India. He claimed its the only tree and a very rare phenomenon to witness the flower in real life. After checking with the local gardener/keeper he mentioned the local name of the flower to be 'Dhruvbanga'. Most of the flowers seemed to have almost flowered out and had weathered except for the ones that were too high up the tree. This is one of those images. I couldnt find any details of the flower, had shared it with a local experts' Whatsapp group too, but they couldnt identify it properly as few had confusion with it. Later on I did find another small tree, growing besides it which had similar flower, shall share that image later.

Canon 550D
Canon 55-250 IS
Shutterspeed 1/500
ISO 100
Location: Gandhi tekdi, SGNP