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Prasad Dingankar
31-07-2015, 10:24 PM
I was really not knowing why this bird is called brain fever bird.. Then my friend told me to listen to the call... and its ....Brain fever...Brain fever...

Saktipada Panigrahi
01-08-2015, 11:34 AM
The shrill and repetitive call of the 'Common Hawk Cuckoo' sounds very clear and distinct in your recording.

Many things come into my mind. India is a vast country known for its diversity. The English gave the name to the call of the bird -- ' Brain Fever, Brain Fever.........' as they might have felt disturbed by the shrill repetitive tone.

Our country's bond with Nature is too intense and as old as our recorded civilization of 25,000 years..... In many States, we have given different names to its call. In Bengal it is : 'Peeu kanha, Peeu kanha.......' or 'Chokh gelo, Chokh gelo' and eminent poet like Kabi Nazrul Islam has found theme and melody in its call and some famous Nazrul Geeti contain the wordings as stated. Our language has become richer by inclusion of the calls of these birds.
'Brain fever' is too harsh a name for the call of the bird according to me.

If you now come to 'Indian Cuckoo', its call sounds like ' Bou katha kao, Bou katha kao........' a melody pouring into your ears.

I still hear these two calls in villages, the first during winter to spring (Dec-Mar), the second during (Feb-Apr) coinciding with the call of 'Koel' -- 'Kuoo, kuoo....' with onset of spring. In Kolkata, I can hear only the call of the Koel and I jump out of the bed.
Thanks for sharing. SaktiWild

Prasad Dingankar
01-08-2015, 03:13 PM
Thanks Shakti da for the insights of local Indian names of the birds, and yes I totally agree with you that the Indian names of the birds always symbolizes the charm, beautiful side of the nature.... Like Indian Roller is called Navrang in many Indian languages. where as The name Roller is the behavioural aspect of the bird rolling in the air...which I had never seen so far.
Once again thanks for Nice discussion...