View Full Version : Spider hunting Wasp

Vikram Gupchup
29-08-2009, 10:32 AM
Spider hunting wasps hunt spiders and drag them to their lairs to lay their eggs on the paralyzed prays. The battles are really impressive to watch ! This time the action was happening on a leaf off the ground. I have generally seen the battle happening on the ground level.

Abhishek Jamalabad
29-08-2009, 02:08 PM
Great documentation. Never seen this in real life...

Mrudul Godbole
01-09-2009, 02:33 PM
Nice behaviour captured. Thanks for sharing the photograph and the information.

Look forward to more..

Sabyasachi Patra
02-09-2009, 02:52 PM
Thanks for sharing this. I have never seen this before.


Dhaval Momaya
05-09-2009, 08:17 PM
I guess that this is so that when the eggs hatch into larva they have a live meal to feed upon - the spider!

Steve Lockett
08-07-2010, 01:08 PM
Nice shot.
I saw this happening on a river bank last time I was over. It was so engrossing, I didn't get my camera out and have regretted it ever since. I even had my film camera with me, so could have made a short movie, but just didn't have time to get set up.
As the old saying goes - "always be prepared, you never know what will wander into your frame!"

Vikram Gupchup
09-07-2010, 02:25 PM
Hi Steve,
Thanks for stopping by and appreciating this really old post!
You are absolutely right about always being prepared! Hundreds of such facinating interactions are happening all at once in the wild . Especially in the insect world.

Steve Lockett
10-07-2010, 01:13 AM
I've only just joined, so was hunting for anything of interest to me. Sometimes the smaller things pass everyone by, yet they are a world unto themselves.