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Sabyasachi Patra
27-09-2022, 01:40 PM
With immense sadness I want to inform you that Mrudul has passed away to eternity on 23.09.2022.

She was the one who helped me start the IndiaWilds forums, site and newsletter. She was the heart that ran the operations silently and efficiently. She was the one who did all the aerial filming and B camera for my documentaries, corporate shoots and other films.

You may please check this link: https://www.indiawilds.com/diary/the-light-has-gone-out-mrudul-godbole/

V S Sankar
23-04-2023, 11:30 AM
This is shocking news for me.I read this thread only today.All these past few months I have been wondering where is Mrudul?She was the one who made the first comment in all the posts.Suddenly that was missing.

What a terrible new this is.She was an integral part of India wilds for many years.Nobody can replace her.The void created by Mrudul can never be filled.

It may take a few days for me to sink in this news.


V S Sankar

Sabyasachi Patra
24-04-2023, 01:46 PM
Initially I had written the concept for IndiaWilds in a word document and Mrudul brought it to life. Two of us set this up.

Now life has suddenly taken a turn which I had not envisaged. We were in Bangalore and we planned a few days travel - me to bhubaneswar and she was to travel to Pune. I decided to take a leisurely train ride. We were supposed to travel on the same day but she decided to take a flight the day after I start. After I landed in BBSR, I contacted the landlady as she was not picking the phone. She had fallen in the bathroom. Together we had many adventures including life and death situations. She has saved my life. However, when she fell, I was not there.

There were lot of plans. Man proposes and God disposes. Leopard film which was to be released last year got held up. Finally I am getting ready to release it soon. We were working on a documentary on Sundarbans and it got stopped. We were supposed to travel again in Nov and December to Sundarbans. I her memory changed the concept of the Sundarbans film to a scenic relaxing film with only natural sounds - no narration and no music. So that there can be some healing watching beautiful sceneries unfold. You can see a shot of her around the 20 mins mark.

A link here: https://youtu.be/qq1YNLqKxmU


Mantras and Meditation in a 1500 yr old temple in bhubaneswar has been my way of trying to cope up. Even then it is difficult.

V S Sankar
24-04-2023, 09:14 PM
I am so saddened to know more about the last days of Mrudul.I can understand how painful the whole happenings were for you.Once I exchanged a few emails with her on my participation for the Indiawilds get together at Kabini.She was requesting Roopak to take me also along with him for the programme.But eventually I did not attend the get together.

I remember the pic of the jungle cat you shot at Sunderbans along with Mrudul.Now nobody can replace her at Indiawilds.


V S Sankar

Sabyasachi Patra
26-04-2023, 05:26 PM
I remember Mrudul had connected with you to know about your Corbett travel. She wanted to go to many places. Covid travel restrictions had grounded us. After Omicron when the lockdowns got lifted again we started planning for travels. We both have our birthdays a week apart in July. So in July last year we visited various places forests, sea beach, temples etc in Odisha.

Then in August there was a shoot in Bangalore for a music video. Later in August last week we were in Bhopal as our film Discovering Rann was showcased in National Science Film Festival. And in September this sad this thing suddenly happened. She wanted to go to many places. All plans suddenly went for a toss. I am just focused on completing our unfinished documentaries.

PS: Please give a good rating in the IMDb page of the film "Drifting in the Waters of Sundarbans" so that others can discover it. 9 or 10 would be awesome. :-)

Sabyasachi Patra
26-04-2023, 05:34 PM
This is the Vande Mataram musical which we both worked on. We were about to release and it had got delayed. Then I released after she passed away. https://youtu.be/riKck4l1kIk


V S Sankar
27-04-2023, 09:32 PM
Yes we exchanged a few emails regarding Jim Corbett visit.I told her dont go to Corbett Tiger Reserve if you dont get accomodation in Dhikala Zone.She agreed.I also suggested not to go in july and Aug since its rainy season.She appreciated me in one of the post for getting a pic of a Tiger at Jim Corbett.

All that in memories now.

I have watched the documentary in IMDb and rated it.


V S Sankar