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nita deb
09-02-2009, 07:35 PM
Hi There,

Thanks to all those who have already registered, and here's a reminder to all those who are still thinking of it:*REGISTRATIONS ARE STILL OPEN* and teams are in the process of being formed, so hurry and get your name in!

Specially heartening this year is the large number of children and newbie
enthusiasts who have signed up - a definite sign that walking in the woods
and looking at the delights nature has to offer us, is becoming a preferred

As you may know, children 9 years and older can participate in the *CHILDREN'S BIRDRACE* which will be a special half day event. For this, as well as for new bird enthusiasts, we will do our best to ensure there is at least one experienced birder on every team. Remember, however, that each and every member adds value to the team, and it is the joy of participating that counts -- the actual count of birds is just an excuse for all of us to get

This year, we also have something new (and more "green") - each team can
choose to participate as a "GREEN TEAM" - i.e. a team that will cover their
chosen birding area/s by foot and/or bicycle, and use only public transport
on that day. A great option for the true green side!

Remember, the BirdRace is absolutely FREE - there are no charges
whatsoever, and all participants are invited to a scrumptious dinner and a
special get-together the same evening. So go ahead and join all our
enthusiastic birders, by registering right away!!

Special Mention: Dr Asad Rahmani (Director - BNHS) and Nitin Jamdar
(Moderator - birdsofbombay egroup) have kindly agreed to be the Judges for
the forthcoming Mumbai BirdRace.

Looking forward to seeing you,

The Mumbai BirdRAce Coordinating Team
(Rajesh Sachdev, Nita Deb, Sunjoy Monga, Kevin Paul)

*To register, simply send an email to any of us, stating your name,
location, availability of a vehicle (or if you want to be a Green Team
member), and if you are a newcomer to birding. You can also form your own
team and register as a team. Thanks!
Rajesh Sachdev - rajeshdsachdev@gmail.com
Nita Deb - nita.deb@gmail.com
Sunjoy Monga - birdelights@gmail.com
Kevin Paul - wcs.malad@gmail.com

for more information on rules and regulations, visit www.indiabirdraces.com