View Full Version : A bird thought to be Extinct 150 years ago has been found....

V S Sankar
02-01-2011, 10:29 PM
Researchers have re-discovered a bird which they thought was extinct 150years ago in Ireland!

The BITTERN bird was found last week of December,at Lake Tacumshane in County Wexford,Ireland.

This has made many bird lovers extactic and excited.They spotted 3 such birds but believes that there could be more.

The Bitterns became extinct in the 19th century.These birds were found mainly in reed beds and possessed a remarkable ability to camouflage.

Their beaks resembled a reed.

This may bring happy news to all of us, for many of the birds which are extinct in India may be alive somewhere!

(The bird in the picture is the painted stork which is very much alive and can be seen in plenty at Vedanthangal!)

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