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Shallu Bansal
18-12-2008, 04:06 PM
Dear all,

If below message from British Council interests you.

"The UK Environment Film Fellowships have been awarded every year since 2005 to Indian environmental filmmakers, to create 12-15 minute impactful documentaries. Filmmakers can submit applications for either or both of the below mentioned themes:

Take Action Case Studies of Individuals/ Communities/ Organizations in India successfully working towards reducing carbon emissions in India.
Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security in terms of Water, Food & Migration

This year there are two kinds of Fellowships

Full Fellowships: Four fellowships will be awarded, through a countrywide bidding process, to a team of environmental filmmakers and climate change professionals or institutions; to make 12- 15 minute documentaries on this year's theme
Aspirational Fellowships: Climate Change is affecting each one of us and we all need to share our story. We are inviting everyone to share their stories through a short two minute film. Ten fellowships of Rs 10,000 each will be awarded to original films based on the themes

For further details log onto http://www.britishcouncil.org/india-projects-lcf-ukeff.htm. The deadline of 20th December will be further extended.