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Ashok Sorout
20-08-2011, 05:48 PM
Dear Senior photographers, I am looking for a macro lens for my canon 7d, I have EF 24-104 and EF 100-400 and 50 mm 1.8.

Want to spend minimum and get the best in the price range of 20-30 thousand rupees. Wish to take photographs of fly, bees, flowers and other small elements.

Ashok Sorout

Abhishek Jamalabad
20-08-2011, 06:54 PM
Hi Ashok,
I use the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro USM lens (non-IS). Had bought it for 30k. It is an excellent lens in terms of sharpness, AF speed (if used), handling etc. I would highly recommend this lens, since it also fits in your budget. An L IS version of this lens is also available, but it costs a lot more and I'm not sure about how it performs, or if it has any big advantages over the non-IS version (except of course the image stabilisation). With a 7D it would be easy to use the higher ISO speeds and still keep the noise down, so handholding the non-IS lens lens should not be a problem to you.

Rajan Kanagasabai
21-08-2011, 07:47 AM
My Friend recently brough the IS version at around 52K INR. He is extremely happy with the lens and has some stunners in combination with the 7D. I'll try to get his blog link with the photographs for you.


Sabyasachi Patra
21-08-2011, 06:46 PM
The Canon 100mm F2.8 L IS USM lens has got a hybrid Image Stabilisation system. It is rated to be effective upto 4 stops of stabilisation. However, when you are clicking at 1:1 magnification, the stabilisation drops to 2 stops.

Some say that the image stabilisation is good for video as well. However, I can't confirm that as I haven't tested it.

Due to the image stabilisation it can be good in the strenuous treks. However, there is a good price difference between this one and the 100mm f2.8 non IS version which Abhishek uses. Both are good.