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Anton Dsilva
13-11-2011, 11:46 PM

I'm planning to spend 4 days at Corbett, for the first time, in December. The resort where I have boked is encouraging for safari's in Bijrani and Jirna only. They have mentioned that Dhikala is too crowded, 18 people in a single vehicle and not good for a safari. They have however organised for a full day safari in Bijrani.

Those who are familiar with corbett, please advise whether I should spend more time at Bjirani and may be one safari at Jirna, or should I go to Dhikala as well?

Are there other regions in Corbett that I can go to for a safari?


Sabyasachi Patra
14-11-2011, 08:47 PM
Dhikala is a long way to go and come back in a day safari. They take you in a bus and I would not prefer that. However, the dhikala zone is great.
If booking in FRH inside corbett, then In Dhikala zone, I would prefer Sarpaduli. I had some great experiences there with elephant passing infront of veranda into the river and the tiger roaring from the river about 15meters from the FRH. Awesome experiences. Unfortunately, all the FRHs are bounded by electric fencing. SAD.

Dhikala FRH has a number of rooms and has become way too big and crowded in what used to be a pristine location. The dhikala chaurs are great for elephant sightings.

Gairol is another place, where day visitors go (inside the dhikala zone). On the way you can see gharials.

Bijrani zone is fine. I guess you are staying in one of those resorts outside. There are too many of those resorts that have come up in the place which used to be the corridor for animal movement and those have stopped. Jhirna is mostly for picknics and is open throughout the year. You can have opportunity for birding in any of the zones.

There are other places like lohachaur, Kanda etc which are best when you stay in the forest rest house there. Not enough tiger sightings though. Better stick to Bijrani zone for large mammal sightings.


Saktipada Panigrahi
14-11-2011, 10:03 PM
The Corbett National Park(T.R) mesmerizes me.After reading Shri Sabyasachi ,my mind is in Corbett only.
I am also of the same view that Bijrani Tourist Zone is good.Last year there was a huge resident male tiger in that area.The other place,Jhirna may be skipped.
Though it is too late, an attempt may be made for accommodation for 2 days in Sarpaduli or Dhikala FRH so that he does not come back without seeing Sarpaduli( nearby Gharial point),Dhikala Chaur( Elephants, Chital, Hog deer, Tigress with little cubs sometime stays for safety near FRH), Ramganga R., Lake side(Marsh crocodile),Khinarouli etc.
On both visits I stayed in Dhikala.One photograph (Cunning camouflage)has been posted in the site.SaktiWild

Saktipada Panigrahi
17-11-2011, 07:40 PM
Our young member Anton is visiting Corbett in December.Day will be short, early morning fog,may or may not be, sun sets early in the hills,he will be staying on the other side of the ridge.And yet, Corbett unfolds its beauty better than any other park.Bijrani Zone is also good.He should have a thrilling experience.He should have Tiger Luck.

I was going through NTCA site.A news item published in The Indian Express dated 16.11.2011 has been uploaded.Excerpts:
"Mohammad Aslam:
'I have been coming here every year for 30 years.I have spotted a tiger on all my visits here.'
He visits the park at least thrice every season.He said in his experience KHINNAULI is the best place to spot tigers in the park."
I also spotted tiger at Khinnauli.

Murugan Anantharaman
14-01-2012, 10:48 PM
I agree with Saktipadaji. Khinnanauli is a great place to spot tigers. Infact I have met Aslam on 2 occasions in Corbett and we once guided him to a tiger sighting after our safari ;). Infact the habitat in and around Khinnanauli is superb and I came to know it was specifically constructed for Rajiv Gandhi's visit years ago.

The only thing Saktipadaji is that Aslam comes with his entourage of people and walkie talkies and has his network inside corbett. This is something only priviledged people get. Both the times I have met him it was the month of december. During my visit a tiger charged at us very close to khinnanauli and later he went back and managed to spot the tiger and i heard from the guides- that his team instigated the tiger to charge so that he could get the shots. So you see......