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THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE ("terms") ARE A LEGAL AND BINDING AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND indiawilds.com ("IndiaWilds") governing your use of this website http://www.indiawilds.com ("Site")

Please review these terms fully before you continue to use the Site. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms. These terms are liable to change without any prior notice.

1. Registration to the IndiaWilds forums is free!

2. Registration is required to post and comment on the forums.

3. You must register using your real name - First name and last name.

4. By registering on indiawilds forums you agree to abide by the rules.

5. By posting your views, opinions, comments and any other text, images, audio, video, multimedia herein referred to as "Content" on IndiaWilds, you give IndiaWilds, its staff to permanently store all such content, to present it for public viewing, using it for promotional purposes, and to delete, move or modify it.

6. By posting images in IndiaWilds you give permission to allow your images to be edited by the Publisher, Staff, moderators, members and users of IndiaWilds for critiquing. The copyright of the image rests with the photographer.

7. You agree not to download any content other than for critiquing it in the IndiaWilds forums. Commercial usage of downloaded content is strictly prohibited.

8. In case the membership is terminated, the views, opinions, comments and any other text, images, audio, video, multimedia herein referred to as “Content” uploaded on IndiaWilds,will remain at the discretion of the Publisher, as further content is created by other members vide expressing views, opinions, comments etc .

9. You agree not to reproduce, modify, repost, trasmit the downloaded content on other websites or computer networks.

10. You agree to assume full and sole responsibility for any of your postings in IndiaWilds. You agree not to post any content that is knowingly false and/or inaccurate, defamatory, rude, racist, disrespectful, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, threatening, obscene, profane, pornographic or otherwise in violation of Indian law. Such violations will result in the user automatically being banned from IndiaWilds.

11. You may be exposed to content that may challenge your values, beliefs and sensibilities and may offend you. You may use your discretion to avoid such content. In no event will IndiaWilds be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages related to any content on this site.

12. Any attempt by any person to deliberately damage the site is a violation of criminal and civil laws. Should such an attempt be made, IndiaWilds reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.

13. You agree not to use the Private Messaging for commercial purposes.

14. You agree not to resort to direct selling or advertising of commercial products and services.

15. You can only post images in jpg format with a maximum file size of 300kb and the longest size not exceeding 1000 pixels.

16. You may post a maximum of two images per day in a forum and may start a maximum of two new thread in a forum.

17. For better critiquing, members are required to post the image details camera, lens, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, amount of crop (if any) and when any special post processing is done beyond normal colours, contrast, curves and levels.

18. Linking to other forums, advertising and soliciting viewers to visit other blogs, web page, image gallery is not allowed. However, you can include link to your blog/webpage/image gallery in your signature.

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