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    Nice to see this species. Keep sharing your...

    Nice to see this species. Keep sharing your work... How much cropped is this... Also like to see a vertical composition.
    Dear Tanmoy bhai, I have another point to mention, although this is my...
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    Thanks Mrudul ji, just came back from...

    Thanks Mrudul ji, just came back from uttarakhand.. It was a week-long trip... Amazing place for birding... Poaching, hunting is much less than Eastern Himalayas...
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    Black-chinned Babbler

    Photographed in village Jakh, near Knachi Dham Temple of Nainital. A common bird in Uttarakhand.
    Canon 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 800, 1/160, f4.5, -0.3 small cropped.
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    Emerald Cuckoo (Juvenile)

    From Digboi oil field, Tisukia, Upper Assam.
    Canon EOS 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 1600, 1/400, f4, EC +0.7 step, cropped
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    Monsoon in Assam

    A flooded Tea garden in Tinsukia, Upper Assam
    Olympus OMD EM1 + Zuiko 12-40 PRO
    ISO 500, 1/640, f7.1, full frame
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    Thanks Sandipan. @Mrudil ji, only main road...

    Thanks Sandipan.
    @Mrudil ji, only main road toward Bhutan is open now. water has been entered into lowland of Manas. Till date no casualty of Rhino, elephant or Gaur.
    @Shakti da, beautifully...
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    Wow. superb. loved a lot. TFS Samrat

    Wow. superb. loved a lot. TFS
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    Good anticipation... +1 with Mrudul ji about...

    Good anticipation... +1 with Mrudul ji about focus. Nice image, loved the colour. TFS
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    Rhino of Manas

    Photographed in Manas in 2017 April.
    Canon 7D + Canon 500mm f4, Handheld
    ISO 320, 1/500, f4, -0.3, crop from right side for composition
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    In the final frame there will be both, Male and...

    In the final frame there will be both, Male and female. Displaying male and female is accepting him. Only 500 (Not more than that) individuals are there in our Earth. Manas is good place to see them....
  11. This is actually lower Neora valley Range of...

    This is actually lower Neora valley Range of Eastern Himalaya. From Siliguri or Bagdogra it is 2.5 to 3 hrs drive distance. Nearest Railhead is New Mal junction. Here Samsing is a famous tourist...
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    Thanks Mrudul ji. Prashant ji, +1 with you....

    Thanks Mrudul ji.

    Prashant ji, +1 with you. Thanks for your input. It was my temporary sketch in field. The final one is yet to be done....

    Thank you very much again for your observation.
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    Bengal Florican (M)

    Critically endangered Bengal Florican.

    A male is displaying during breeding season in Manas National Park. Sketch done with colour wood pencil.
  14. Part 13

    As we see them we become grateful and behave in a childish manner. We compare the different pictures shot of them. Those pictures are the only things that they leave with us. Then the Ghumtigaon...
  15. Part 12

    They were twitting, keeping a watch of the surroundings, were hopping from one branch to the other. They were simply majestic! It was hard o imagine how large these birds could be. What a grace their...
  16. Part 11

    I sprang from where I was sitting and started running towards Kartabya’s house and landed myself in the second floor verandah. There were a large number of Oriental pied Hornbills sitting here and...
  17. Part 10

    Today is my last day in Ghumtigaon and I will return back to Kolkata by an evening train. Since the morning the sky is fully covered with thick layers of clouds and fogs. For me it was a long wait...
  18. Part 9

    The next day the only thing that I could do was waiting for the coveted moment. The Hornbills totally disappointed me. I went to deep inside the forest with some firewood collectors.

    I spent the...
  19. Part 8

    As I was returning from the forest I could not hold back my temptation of eating some momos. I have rarely seen such small a shop like this in my life. In the first half of the days these girls...
  20. Part 7

    You can see the rest house of the Forest department of the Samsing range when you move a little forward along the road towards Suntalekhola. That is an attractive place for staying in the lap of...
  21. Part 6

    As I proceeded towards Suntalekhola the branches of the various small and large trees caught my attention. I snapped some pictures of Streaked Spiderhunter, Large Woodshrike, Scarlet Minivet, Grey...
  22. Part 5

    The soft morning sunrays have touched the red Shimul flowers. There the Bulbuls, Starlings, Spangled Drongo and the Barbets have flocked in large numbers and a large number of Hill Maynas also were...
  23. Part 4

    I came out of my sleep in the early morning with the sound of the water flowing along the Murti River. I did not waste my time and proceeded fast along the narrow hilly footpath towards the river....
  24. Part 3

    I came to know from Kartabya that a new Division of the forest Department of the newly formed Kalimpong District has been declared. They have a number of branches. Out of those the Forest Development...
  25. Part 2

    The daylight had become subdued greatly when we became fresh. I took my camera with me and went around the small village to become a little familiar with it. Only seventy families live in this...
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