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  1. The Male Orange-headed Thrush

    capture with Canon gear.
    The Male
  2. Orange-headed Thrush Male and Fenale

    Respected viewer
    You may remember my study report on Courtship feeding of Orange-headed Thrush posted earlier in 2018 in Natural History section. And study was made in April 2017. Interested viewer...
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    Capped Langur from Manas

    Capped Langur from Manas National Park
    Canon EOS 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 250, 1/250, f7.1, full frame

    Do check my latest Article about Capped Langur and Malayan giant Squirrel in...
  4. Part 11

    The those two squirrels were back with their normal activities, hopping from this tree to that tree, sometimes sitting with folded legs. I lost myself as I continued watching them. After a while I...
  5. Part 10

    Both of these creatures of Manas are on the list of vulnerable species. Both of these mammals live their entire lives on the trees. There are many similarities on the list of their food habits....
  6. Part 9

    Suddenly something happened. The intruding dark squirrel happened to come face to face with the young capped langur. So far everything was calm and quiet. But on that very moment in the peaceful...
  7. Part 8

    I diligently went through the research paper on Malayan Giant squirrel by the researcher Debrorukar at some earlier time. This was because I take a keen interest on the Giant squirrels and I love to...
  8. Part 7

    I saw a similar type of behaviour about three years ago in this Manas itself. Please note here that the squirrel is marking its area by peeling the barks of the tree just in front of him.
  9. Part 6

    The next moment it rubbed the Anogenital part of its body on a particular point on the tree for a few moments. If we minutely observe in this picture we will see that it has raised the rear portion...
  10. Part 5

    The joy of observation does not end here. A few moments later the dominant one was seen to try to smell at a particular spot on the branch of a tree.
  11. Part 4

    A few moments later I came to know for sure that the follower dark squirrel was the intruder one. In this picture it is clearly seen that it is keeping its two front legs folded most of the times...
  12. Part 3

    A large group of Capped langurs were sitting on the branches of the trees in front of us. They were busy with themselves. Suddenly a pair of Malayan Giant squirrel caught my notice. They were some...
  13. Part 2

    Biku was repeatedly pressing me to go as far as possible towards the lower bungalow and he also will accompany me. Biku loves the forest and knows all the nooks and crannies of it. The lower bungalow...
  14. Diary of Manas- Malayan Giant Squirrel and Capped Langur

    A forest is the source of many unending stories where the characters are all its living entities. We can easily feel them if we just keep our senses open. Some of these stories are quite flamboyant....
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    @ Mrudul ji and Sabyasachi da, Those snakes were...

    @ Mrudul ji and Sabyasachi da, Those snakes were showing that behaviour in a swamp adjacent to village road. Villagers were busy for cultivation of paddy in that swamp. So the place was crowded and...
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    Territorial combat of Rat Snake

    Territorial combat of Rat Snakes in my village.
    Canon EOS 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 250, 1/1600, f 5, -0.3, Full frame, Monochrome in CS 5
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    Welcome Vineet, Nice image of this flying...

    Welcome Vineet, Nice image of this flying machine. Looking forward for more, Keep posting.
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    Pond heron

    A Pond Heron From my village
    Canon EOS 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 200, 1/250, f4, EC +0.7, full frame, B/W done in CS 5
  19. Courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill

    The mutual courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill. Photo was taken in Manas NP in 2018.
    For the full article about there courtship dance please see the link....
  20. Part 12

    The head of the bird was bright orange. The bird was perhaps eager to show to its partner how bright and colourful its body was in the background of the orange light and liver hued dry leaves. The...
  21. Part 11

    The Silver breasted Broadbill spends its lifetime under the covered canopy of the evergreen forest and naturally they mate in these places only. In those forests under covered canopies very small...
  22. Part 10

    The next moment the male bird mounted on the back of its partner with an intention for copulation.
  23. Part 9

    No sooner had the dance ended than the female bird turned its face towards its partner and looked at him.
  24. Part 8

    This is the intrinsic mutual courtship dance of the Silver breasted Broadbill and usually last only for 12 to 15 seconds.
  25. Part 7

    The female partner then started doing just the same; moved the wings forwards from backwards. The two birds seemed to be just like two expert swimmers doing butterfly strokes in a same rhythm in...
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