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  1. Just checked in and Wow! Notice how the tigress...

    Just checked in and Wow! Notice how the tigress is keeping a watchful eye on the photographer, obviously as her cubs are with her. Good shot, Vipin.
  2. Makna: Anything odd with that lump?

    Took this pic of a Makna when driving back from Nagarahole NP on 20 Apr 2011. Wonder if anything is odd with that lump behind its ear? :confused1:


    Camera: Fujifilm Finepix S2000HD,...
  3. Thanks.

    Thanks, V S Sankar. Will follow up on the resort. Am looking for any good lodging close enough to the sanctuary so early morning treks or boat rides can be fruitful. One wishes eco- tourism is...
  4. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary: Info request pl

    I am planning to spend about 2 or 3 nights at Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, during the first 2 or 3 weeks of Apr 2011. If anyone has been there recently, it would be great if they could share...
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    Lovely Ranganthittu

    A snap from the watch tower at Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary near Mysore. Around 1630 hrs, Sun, 30 Jan 2011.
    Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S2000 HD
    Exposure: Auto- focus, Handheld, Anti- shake enabled....
  6. Croc at Ranganthittu nesting season 2011

    One of the numerous crocodiles of Ranganthittu bird sanctuary (near Mysore) basking in the hot sun on Sun, Jan 30, 2011 afternoon (around 1600 hrs). As I could spot with a binoculars, there were...
  7. Ranganthittu- Nesting Season Jan 2011

    A painted stork at Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary near Mysore on Sun, 30 Jan 2011. Photo taken from a slowly moving boat. This is the nesting season for the painted stork and I could see hundreds of...
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    Valparai- Some info

    I had been on a driving holiday to Valparai in Oct 2010. You can start from Coimbatore and reach Valparai by road (via Pollachi). The road is a good one, including over 40 HP bends on a very well-...
  9. Want to have a running race with me?


    Another from my collection of May '09 in Corbett NP on the way to Dhikala. Our van nearly would have run into this Sambar, who just decided to cross the road suddenly. The Sambar was shaken for...
  10. Mother and Calf Elephant at Salt Lick in Bandipur

    Here are a mother and calf elephant at a salt lick in Bandipur, during an evening jeep safari in Oct 2010. They were hardly bothered about us, unlike what the photo suggests. Subjects were about 15 m...
  11. Wild elephants during trek at Parambikulam WS

    This is a herd of wild elephants with a calf. Spotted during an evening trek at Parambikulam WS (Kerala) during Oct 2010. Did not want to get closer for obvious reasons. Subject was around 60 m from...
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    Serpent eagle at Bandipur

    This is a crested serpent eagle on the ground, during an evening jeep safari at Bandipur NP in Oct 2010. It was quite used to us and did not flinch though we were just some 6 m away.

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    Tiger in bush at Corbett NP

    This is a tiger at Corbett NP photographed in May '09. Could not get a better view as there were lots of tourist jeeps arriving and the tiger was naturally induced to hide itself. Anyway, a tiger...
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    After the jab

    And here's the post- jab view.
    Dr. Vijay
  15. Elephant jabbing tree with trunk

    Here is a more complete view of the elephant as suggested by Sabyasachi and Mrudul Godbole. Actually the elephant saw us, paused for a moment, then went up to the tree near it, and jabbed it with its...
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    Elephant at Corbett NP

    This is an elephant (just after its Musth season ?) in Corbett NP. (you can see the dark rut stain on its cheek). Photo is from my old collection (May 2009), and was taken from a forest van with...
  17. Stepping into the Wild- Dr. Vijay

    Hi Wildlife lovers

    I am one of you now. :) I am a faculty (in mechanical engineering field) with a strong passion for wildlife. I have been to most major national parks in South India and Corbett...
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