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  1. Thanks guys for viewing and commenting. Roopak i...

    Thanks guys for viewing and commenting. Roopak i was there to do due diligence for Wildlife Warriors Awards, meet and interview all nominations. There will be coverage of this in the month of June
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    Hearty Congratulations Abhishek, this is well...

    Hearty Congratulations Abhishek, this is well deserved
    best wishes
  3. My 1st Tiger from Nagarahole (Coorg side)

    My maiden drive into the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve (Coorg side) and I was greeted by this massive male tiger. He was too big to fit in my lens, friends this is my first Tiger from Nagarahole range and...
  4. Greater Racket-tailed Drongo/Kabini

    The Greater Racket-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus) is a medium-sized Asian bird which is distinctive in having elongated outer tail feathers with webbing restricted to the tips. They are...
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    Superb! We don't often get to see them so close...

    Superb! We don't often get to see them so close and especially at ground level.
  6. Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Male)

    I photographed this Asian Paradise-flycatcher at JLR’s Old Magazine House (Ganeshgudi), as most of you may know that there are few water trays placed and a small pond in the camp. And especially in...
  7. Courting Leopards Behavior/Kabini

    Leopards (Panthera Pardus) are agile and stealthy predators. They are the best tree climbers in the big cat family. They spend a lot of time on the trees relaxing, sleeping and we have records of...
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    We enter the forest gate at 4pm and in about 5 mins your vehicle breaks down, how does one react? This can be very frustrating, annoying since one does wait for few hours post lunch to get into the...
  9. Lovely image and hearty congrats!

    Lovely image and hearty congrats!
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    Black Panther, Part 2

    In continuation to Black Panther - “Mission Impossible” series, after having sighted the 1st black beauty I am not even sure what was going in our minds, whom to share this news, oh boy there are...
  11. Thank you all for viewing, liking and the...

    Thank you all for viewing, liking and the wonderful comments coming straight from your heart. Getting closer to this cat was not an option, since they extremely shy and I was lucky to make few images...
  12. Black Panther, a life time sighting

    I have been writing on my wildlife experience for a while now, but honestly today I am loss of words, probably dumbstruck. I have been photographing most of the cats in India and abroad that include...
  13. Common Kestrel (Male) with a catch

    Few interesting facts about this bird of prey are listed below, read at leisure -

    1.It is one of the commonest birds of prey in Asia, Europe & Africa.
    2.It prefers to hunt over open grassland; it...
  14. Thanks Sabyasachi, I didn't do any selective...

    Thanks Sabyasachi, I didn't do any selective sharpening, it is the normal good old flow that I learnt from you and Mrudul using lightroom. I spotted only one Amur Falcon on 2 occasions, however...
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    Indeed a rare moment captured Roopak. Hearty...

    Indeed a rare moment captured Roopak. Hearty Congratulations!
  16. Amur Falcon the greatest migrant...

    This bird of prey has been in the news for past 6-8 weeks and I along with few friends had an opportunity not only to spot it but capture some wonderful images. Finally a long drive over 1600 kms...
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    Born Climbers

    This in continuation to my postings of recent trip to Kabini, I am sharing another image of this young male leopard that was seen resting on a small tree. This is full frame image with no cropping...
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    Since 1986, Asian Elephants has been listed as endangered by IUCN as the population has declined by at least 50%. The key threats to Asian elephants today are loss, degradation and fragmentation of...
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    Quite interesting info Roopak, amazing shot this

    Quite interesting info Roopak, amazing shot this
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    Kabini continues to amaze me…

    Yet another weekend at Kabini, a true leopard country as we all know it as. Due to Dusshera holidays, as expected JLR Kabini was packed with nature lovers, family holiday makers and of course...
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    Thanks Sabyasachi and my all my friends here on...

    Thanks Sabyasachi and my all my friends here on Indiawilds, it is indeed a great honor to be adjudged as "Image of the month August 2013". This image is definitely one of my best and rare natural...
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    Dholes in Courtship/Kabini

    During my recent trip to Kabini it was amazing see a pair of dholes, in courtship mood. This couple has been recently split from the pack of 7 dholes and is probably in the process of making a new...
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    Bonnet Macaque

    Kabini continues to amaze me - Our last morning drive at Kabini was full of excitement, two great natural history moments captured and I even had opportunity to film them 1) Changeable Hawk Eagle...
  24. Kabini Tigress in Tadoba style...

    How often do we get to see a Tiger/Tigress walk up to you on a tar road at Kabini? Surely first time for me, I have always had this amazing experience at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, while driving...
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    Tigers love water!

    On a hot day, these big cats love taking a dip in a nearby lake or river to cool off! The only stipulation is that they do not like water in their eyes. They will go to any lengths to avoid this,...
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