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  1. Thread: Eelscape

    by Samrat Sarkar


    Asia Swamp Eel (Monopterus albus) in its habitat. An elusive and mysterious fish mainly caught for palatable dishes in West Bengal. But their life-cycle, behavior, breeding ecology are still little...
  2. @Pawan ji, I missed to mention the Equipment...

    @Pawan ji, I missed to mention the Equipment details. It is Olympus OMD-EM1 + Zuiko 12-40mm PRO lens.
  3. @Mrudul Ji, Yes most of the time it comes to the...

    @Mrudul Ji, Yes most of the time it comes to the water surface with 7 to 8 mins intervals, but in afternoon the intervals extended upto 15 mins. That was cloudy, humid day with showers time to time....
  4. Part 8

    The face of the eel..
    Photographed with Olympus OMD EM 1 + Zuiko 12-40 PRO lense
  5. Part 7

    This is the habitat of eel. Can you spot him into water here?
  6. Part 6

    And again disappeared into water.. The gap between two sequence was 7 to 8 minutes.
  7. Part 5

    Then it opened its mouth and took a breath...
  8. Part 4

    Again it appeared near the water surface to take air keeping its body axis in more vertical way.
  9. Part 3

    Then it started disappear into water..
  10. Part 2

    Then it inhale air like this...
  11. Part 1

    I am presenting the sequence here.
  12. Air-breathing process of Asian Swamp Eel

    I had a small time to observe this creature while catching crab in my village with my son. He spotted first that eel. We spent a few hour there to observe the breathing process of this eel.
  13. Replies

    Death trap

    A pond Heron was caught and hanged upside down over a pond by some fishermen to scare other birds. Although they covered the entire pond by fishing net. Latter we rescued him alive.
    photographed in...
  14. Observation of 2019 in another place in my village

    Here is another image from 2019.
  15. Observation of 2019 in another place in my village

    Here is some images of male Orange headed thrush collecting earth warm in 2019 where I was observing Asian paradise flycatcher.
  16. Observation of 2019 in another place in my village

    @Mrudul Ji
    Yes, this year I have observed some differences in their behaviour. In 2019 May, I was busy observing breeding behaviour of Asian Paradise Fly-catcher in an another place of village....
  17. 2021 courtship feeding 3

    The male presents the insect to the female
  18. 2021 courtship feeding 2

    The male removes the legs and antenna.
  19. 2021 courtship feeding

    The Male catches a cricket.
  20. Male and Female

    The male is in front
  21. Male and Female

    To the left is Male and right is Female
  22. 2021 Female

    The Female
  23. 2021 Male

    The Male 2021
  24. 2021 observation 1

    The above observation was made in 2017. After four years that couple has returned to that very place in my village. But probably the Female has changed her Male partner. I'll be posting some fresh...
  25. Replies

    @Sabyasachi da, that action lasts for 15 to 20...

    @Sabyasachi da, that action lasts for 15 to 20 second which I have seen. Then the snake disappeared into bush.
    @Mrudul ji, the snake didn't swallow the frog in that place. I have noticed that they...
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