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  1. Courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill

    The mutual courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill. Photo was taken in Manas NP in 2018.
    For the full article about there courtship dance please see the link....
  2. Part 12

    The head of the bird was bright orange. The bird was perhaps eager to show to its partner how bright and colourful its body was in the background of the orange light and liver hued dry leaves. The...
  3. Part 11

    The Silver breasted Broadbill spends its lifetime under the covered canopy of the evergreen forest and naturally they mate in these places only. In those forests under covered canopies very small...
  4. Part 10

    The next moment the male bird mounted on the back of its partner with an intention for copulation.
  5. Part 9

    No sooner had the dance ended than the female bird turned its face towards its partner and looked at him.
  6. Part 8

    This is the intrinsic mutual courtship dance of the Silver breasted Broadbill and usually last only for 12 to 15 seconds.
  7. Part 7

    The female partner then started doing just the same; moved the wings forwards from backwards. The two birds seemed to be just like two expert swimmers doing butterfly strokes in a same rhythm in...
  8. Part 6

    The male bird started raising its tail upwards slowly and started moving its wings forwards from backwards.
  9. Part 5

    The female bird was watching its partner and then she also spread its wings the same way as the male one was doing.
  10. Part 4

    Then I was became a witness of a marvelous series of events. The male bird brought its tail a bit downwards and spread its wings to some extent and started dancing beautifully.
  11. Part 3

    Suddenly the female bird flew away and sat on another branch where the ambiance of the yellow green colour was more prominent. It was not known whether there was some signal from the female bird to...
  12. Part 2

    I have said that the different phases of time create different spectral environments in the forest. There are a number of birds who display the colours of their feathers in different manners to lure...
  13. A few words on the mutual courtship dance of Silver-breasted Broadbill

    The name of the bird is Silver-breasted Broadbill. They are endemic in the forests thickly covered with vegetation canopy. After the Bengal Florican, these are the most sought after birds in the...
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    Rhino of Manas

    Rhino from Manas. Photographed in February, 2020.
    Olympus OMD EM1 + Zuiko 12-40 pro
    ISO 200, 1/100, f4.5, full frame,
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    Bengal Florican

    Captured in Manas.
    Canon EOS 7D + Canon 500mm f4 + Monopod
    ISO 800, 1/2500, f 4.5, small crop
    Do read my latest article on this bird in Natural History Section....
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    Part 9

    There is a sketch of a couple of this bird in the book of Sir Hume as well. A male bird is sitting somewhere and a female bird with its shoulder stooped downwards closing in towards the male bird. It...
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    Part 8

    But even after this much of manoeuvre if the nearby female does not respond then it will again fly off in the sky and will try to impress the females with more enthusiasm. These flights of flying...
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    Part 7

    Its ascending flight looks like an ascending parachute. It stretches its two white wings and directly comes down to its own place in the ground.
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    Part 6

    Then they fold their knees and fly off in the sky screaming and fluttering their wings. A male jumps upto about thirty feet above the ground in a single flight . It keeps its feathers around its...
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    Part 5

    Nobody knows when and from which place of this grassland it will fly off like a rocket. From March to June is their mating season. The males are polygamous while the females are generally monogamous....
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    Part 4

    At present the Manas National Park is an important habitat of the Bengal Floricans. To the Assamese people, they are better known as the “Ulu Moura”. “Ulu” is the name of a particular type of grass...
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    Part 3

    Since then a lot of water have passed through the Ganges and the Bramhaputra. The British have left India. The human settlements have increased in an uncontrolled manner along the sides of the large...
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    part 2

    In the middle of the british rule in India at the end of the eighteenth century the British officers used to move around every corners of the country and they regularly briefed Sir A. Hume at his...
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    Not more than five hundred

    There was a time when on the vast grassland starting from Hastinapur in the west along the left bank of the river Ganges upto the Mishmi mountain ranges in the Arunachal Pradesh in the east there...
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    Malayan Giant Squirrel

    Jungles have many untold stories. Manas also have stories. Here two Malayan giant squirrel are following each other during courtship.
    ISO 800, 1/3200, f4, -0.3, almost full frame
    Canon 7D + Canon...
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