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Thread: Requirements in IndiaWilds

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    Default Requirements in IndiaWilds

    Dear All,

    We had a fruitful discussion in Kabini during the IndiaWilds Meet and of course loads of fun. We had a whale of a time. Most of us met each other for the first time, however, immediately camaraderie was established.

    Manasi has already posted in detail ( Indiawilds Kabini Meet..! - Indiawilds: Land of the Tiger. Conservation, Wildlife Photography, Communities ). I am just writing about some of the action points.

    In a few other postings in the IndiaWilds forums I had mentioned about my vision for IndiaWilds. I am reiterating it here again.

    Nearly a decade back in 2003, I had first written down my vision for IndiaWilds. I had felt that we won’t always have charismatic individuals like Valmik Thapar. People like him have straddled the conservation scenario in India like a colossus. The question is after him what? Where are the next ten thousand Valmik Thapars? The conservation challenges in India is so huge that we need tens of thousands if not millions of such tireless champions. I believe in the collective power, the power of the WE. Together we stand strong. Hence I had conceived an online advocacy arm, which can bring people of all hues under one umbrella. We have achieved some, however, there is miles to go.
    In the gradual evolution and unfolding of IndiaWilds vision.

    1) Original Articles: We are soliciting original articles on conservation written for IndiaWilds. I have started uploading those at Category Archives: Conservation . These articles will also be a part of the IndiaWilds monthly newsletter. I have contacted a few reputed biologists and a few others have expressed their desire to publish their articles and research papers in IndiaWilds.
    Action from Members : We need to spread the message and ask deserving biologists/researchers/naturalists to write articles and research papers. I am happy to mention that Roopak has agreed to contact people on behalf of IndiaWilds.
    Members are also welcome to help in growing our base of contributors.

    2) Newsletters: The monthly newsletter goes to about eight thousand (8000) people by email. This includes members as well as non members, senior Govt. officials, researchers, activists etc. One suggestion that was given was to create PDF documents that can be printed by people and circulated in their offices, kept in homes etc. (At this point in time, I want to avoid the cost and hassle of printing newsletters.) I think it can be done. We are working on that. Anyone having any suggestions please let us know.
    Action from Members: Members are also requested to forward the newsletter online to spread the message.

    3) Wilderness Updates: The wilderness updates section was created with the idea of members visiting the various sanctuary, Tiger reserves and protected areas to come back and report about the situation on the ground. It can include details of the place as they saw, experiences they had as well as conservation challenges as perceived by them. You can post images along with your field report in the wilderness updates. At present, we post various news items as well as reports/discussions about specific wilderness areas.
    Action from Members: Beef that up and more people write about their field visits.

    4) Conservation Imagery: We decided on creating a specific section to post images related to conservation. These are purely for documentation purpose and we understand that some would be taken under trying conditions, compact cameras or even mobile phones etc. These images are not meant for critiquing. If the image is powerful enough, members can start taking action on their own by writing letters to relevant authorities and/or we well write a common letter/start a campaign. Action already taken.

    5) Website developers: Members who can help in developing and enhancing the IndiaWilds portal (need basic HTML knowledge) can let us know. Like all others, it will be a free donation of services towards the community. Mail at administrator@indiawilds.com to help in website development.

    6) Facebook Ambassadors: In this age of social media, the message of IndiaWilds can be spread easily. We briefly discussed about the need to have some online ambassadors/facebook ambassadors/IndiaWilds ambassadors (a rose by any name smells as sweet. So call it whatever you want). This would require promoting the IndiaWilds page in facebook, promoting links etc etc.
    Action from Members: Anyone who wants to take the responsibility of promoting IndiaWilds page in Facebook, please let me know.

    7) IndiaWilds Forums: A few of us regularly critique images ( I know that I am a bit late in critiquing these days). Critiquing not only helps in the development of a photographer, but also provides an alternate point of view to well established photographers. It also helps us in visualizing the scenario and we too learn as well. Of late, a few members are seen posting their images without caring to critique images of others. In a peer-to-peer learning forum, it is perceived as a selfish behavior. So please critique images and tell us whatever you like in the image and whatever is not so good in the image.
    Action from Members: If any of you want to take the responsibility of providing leadership to any of the sections, please come forward and let me know.

    If you have any suggestions please reply to this post, so we can include that too.

    If any member is interested to help in any of the activities mentioned below, please
    mail at the following id – administrator@indiawilds.com or PM me.

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