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Thread: CM Vijay Bahuguna opposes Centre's decision on eco-sensitive zone near Bhagirathi riv

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    Default CM Vijay Bahuguna opposes Centre's decision on eco-sensitive zone near Bhagirathi riv

    Sharing a news article from ToI regarding the decision to declare eco-sensitive zone near Bhagirathi river and the Uttarakhand Govt.'s decision to oppose it.

    CM Vijay Bahuguna opposes Centre's decision on eco-sensitive zone near Bhagirathi river
    DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna today strongly opposed the Centre's recent notification declaring a vast stretch of land from Gaumukh to Uttarkashi on either side of the Bhagirathi river as an eco-sensitive zone, saying it would adversely affect the infrastructure development projects in the area.
    Bahuguna said several infrastructure development projects are in the pipeline in the region and the Centre's move will tantamount to stalling nearly all of them including construction of bridges, Border Roads Organisation's realignment work and flood control measures.
    "The state cabinet will soon meet to discuss the negative fallouts of the decision and I will take up the issue with the Centre asking it to reconsider the move and thrash out a middle-of-the-road solution," Bahuguna said.
    The Ministry of Environment and Forests issued a notification recently declaring 41 km area on either side of the Bhagirathi as eco-sensitive zone.
    For complete details check the Source article: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/h...w/19698014.cms

    I do understand the need for infrastructure development- having been to Gaumukh last sept, I have seen the ravages of the multiple cloud bursts last august. But I also saw the massive hydro-electric projects coming up in the area. The thoughtless degradation of the river and the surrounding wilderness- the mindless felling of trees, and as a result ruining the beautiful area.

    Tourism is one of the mainstays of any economy- and I completely endorse the need for making a place tourist friendly-- but it has to be carefully considered-!!!! development can be done while maintaining the ecology, I am sure....!!!

    would like some thoughts here

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    The declaration of the eco-sensitive regions have been done after many years as well as arguments in the Supreme Court about the centre not taking steps about it etc.

    The source of the Ganga, apart from its religious signification has got huge impact on our environment. Most of our streams and rivers have been defiled by us either by throwing garbage, discharging effluents from our factories or by constructing dams.

    It is important that pristine areas like the source of bhagirathi are protected from destruction.

    It is unfortunate that these days development is misunderstood as concretisation and setting up of polluting factories. We cannot set up factories in every area. The Uttarakhand Govt. may declare some areas as backward and start giving sops (tax holidays) etc to attract investments in factories. However, those artificial inducements doesn't help and shouldn't be used to set up factories in such pristine areas.

    Mindless construction of roads are also a big problem. The moment we cut open the hills, cutoff the trees, the landslides start. It is surprising that the Uttarakhand Government hasn't understood the reason for landslides. Its priority is to stop mindless destruction of our hills.

    The local economy is dependent on tourism. The Government can promote eco-tourism with strict controls to safegaurd the environment. People don't want concrete hotels to stay. Tents are good enough and more ecofriendly. People will even pay more for that as is seen from our Botswana experience.

    The Government has to bring out a legislation to maintain these places. The locals will have aspiration for more cash and factories etc. Let the area development authorities be given money for maintaining these areas in eco-friendly manner. The rest of the country is devastated. Atleast these places can act like the lungs for India and to a lesser extent for mother earth.

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