Read this article on Deccan chronicle:

"Hyderabad: Days after the controversy of killing a “man-eating” leopard, Hyderabad’s Shafat Ali Khan shot dead another man-eating leopard in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday following orders from the HP forest and wildlife department.

“The Himachal Pradesh forest department had been tracking the pug marks of the leopards moving in the area. They found that two male man-eating leopards were operating in the area. I spotted the big male on August 11. It charged at me and I shot it,” Khan said.

Ten days earlier some NGOs had alleged that the leopard which Khan earlier killed was not man eater. The viscera of the leopard has been sent for DNA analysis to ascertain whether it killed humans or not.

Khan said that he got the orders to shoot the second leopard from the HP forest department on August 19. City zoo curator A. Shankaran said that if the chief wildlife warden gave the orders to kill the leopards twice, specifying the area, then we can’t find fault with Khan.

“The leopards were tracked and their territorial range was mapped by forest officials. The claims of NGOs are false. If I shot a wrong leopard why would the department give me another order,” said Khan."

My query is why didn't they tranquillise those leopards and put them in zoos?
Is shooting them down the only way to solve a problem?
I also wonder on what basis does the forest department select shooters. Is it on their past shooting record? Fishy.