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Thread: BRT Wild Life Sanctuary-Abode of the Gods-A feb visit 2014

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    Default BRT Wild Life Sanctuary-Abode of the Gods-A feb visit 2014

    1.The Biligirirangaswamy Temple Wild Life Sanctuary, which was declared a Tiger Sanctuary in 2010, spreads over about 539sq km of a very unique ecosystem which connects the Eastern and Western Ghat systems. It comprises the ranges of Biligiri Rangaswamy and Male Mahadeshwara range running north to south in the Deccan plateau, which forms an important link between both the ghat system, and carries features unique to both.

    2 It is about 215 km from Bangalore and the approach is via Kanakpura, Malavalli, Kollegal, Yellandur. From Mysore the route is through Chamrajnagar and the distance is about 90 km.

    3. BR Hills lies about 4000ft above sea level between the Cauvery and Kapila rivers in the Chamrajnagar district. It is the home to a variety of flora and fauna. There are an estimated no of 17 tigers, elephants, leopards, gaur, sloth bears, wild dogs and the giant flying squirel. Besdes it is home to 270 birds of which 210 are migrant species. These forests play a unique role of creating a living bridge and bringing about diversity in the gene pool of the flora and fauna of the two Ghat systems.

    4. The Biligirirangaswamy temple is located on the highest point of the BR range and occupies a pivotal place in the lives of the local Sholiga tribe. The foothills of the range are covered by scanty shrubs while the heights are characterized by thick deciduous forests.

    5. It was a rarely visited forest till the Karnataka State Govt made one of its resorts right in the middle of the sanctuary and gave visitors a rare in house experience of undiluted wilderness. The resort consists of tents perched on the mountainsides. During the day the air resounded with the calls of innumerable avian species and the night was rent by the calls of Sambhar warning us that a predator was on the move. We were often awakened by the sounds of wild hogs and chital foraging in the darkness right outside our tent. Leopards, Samhar, and muntjac have been sighted in the very premises of the resort.

    6. Safaris were a unique experience in the sense that the tracks were balanced on steep mountainsides,so that we saw animals either fleeing up or disappearing down into thick deciduous forests or coffee plantations of local tribes. Photographing them was quite a matter of luck. We saw plenty of birds, muntjac, gaur and slothbear. The sloth bear experience was very frustrating in the sense as we just missed them three times.
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