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Thread: Birding places in and around Bhopal

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    Default Birding places in and around Bhopal

    Bhopal is the capital Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is also known as the City of Lakes for its various natural as well as artificial lakes. There are five lakes within the city, Upper lake ,Lower lake and Sahapura lakes are well known for tourist spots . Apart from these lakes, city is also surrounded by several stop dam to gather rain water for irrigation/cultivations purposes for farmers like, Kaliasot dam, Kerwa dam, Hathai kheda dam(Known as Ayodhya nagar lake)&Ghoda pachhad dam are just adjacent/ periphery of the city and , Ajnal dam , Kolar dam, Rata pani dam & Halhali dam are around 10 to 45 KM range from center of the city , these dams are sorrounded by forest , so water and forest gives very good combination for birds shelter as well as other wild mammals .
    Few of these dams are developed for tourist attraction and have state govt guest house and restaurant also. Since water bodies fluctuates widely say 100% in rainy season and merely 15% in summer season ,wildlife of these areas varies accordingly. These places are also serve as a good picnic spot in winter seasons and are fully occupied and some times these places are over crowded .
    1. Upper lake and Van vihar {animal park (Zoo) with limited confined area for each one, other animals such as spotted deer ,black bucks and Indian blue bulls can be seen openly } itself is a very good birding place. There is a separate place (PakshiVihar) created for birds by Van vihar authority ,but the place is little over crowded by tourist. In winter local authority has facilitate visits inside the park on prior booking . Every year in winter Local authority also arrange bird watching camp in 1st week of January for young enthusiastic to create awareness about birds, its habitat and environment. Though you can find, may be say around 100 variety of local birds e.g. Grey heron, snowy egret, great egret, hoopoe, black drango, silverbill munia ,red avadavat,Water redstart ,jungle pea foul ,Golden oriole ,Jungle babbler,yellow eyed babblers , red vented bulbul, indian robin, Magpie robin ,pied bush chat, bush lark, crested lark ,red wattled lapwing, yellow wattled lapwings ,purple sun bird etc, white breasted kingfisher ,small blue kingfisher, pied kingfisher, little & large cormorant ,Painted stork, Open bill stork , snake bird, gull, river tern & whisker tern, common krestel, black shouldered kite , honey buzzard, eagle, kite, spotted duck, common coot, little grebe, common moorhen, common crake, etc to name a few at any time, In winter this figure rise to around 250 due to migratory bird mainly of water birds.
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