India's first jellyfish lake discovered

According to a PTI report, Marine biologists have discovered a jellyfish lake in Gujarat.

"This is probably the first jellyfish lake to have been found in India. The concentration and density of jellyfish is very high here. You can even see them from outside during low tide and when the water is clear," WTI scientist BC Choudhury said.

His team recently discovered this jellyfish habitat during a field visit to Armabada, a town in Gujarat. They found these jelly fish spread over an area of about 5 to 6 hectares in the lake floor and interestingly these jelly fish were found to be swimming upside down.

"They position themselves on their bottom side to receive maximum sunlight as they harbour photosynthetic algae called Zooxanthellae, which have a symbiotic relationship with jellyfish similar to corals," explained marine biologist S Goutham.
Another unique feature of the lake is that these jellyfish are present all around the year unlike other places where they are reported to be seasonal.

It may not be appropriate to brand it as India's first jellyfish lake, as one can find Jelly fish in Chilika lake in the eastern state of Odisha, India.