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Thread: Image of the Month: July 2014

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    Default Image of the Month: July 2014

    The honour for the Image of the Month for July 2014 goes to Bibhav Behera's image titled "Heaven, Earth and Hell".
    The reason for selecting this image from others is manifold. This image goes beyond the simple documentation which photography was expected to be in its initial days as opposed to paintings. The photographer here has strived to create a concept, all in camera and has executed it. I felt this image is thought provoking.

    The original text posted by Bibhav is reproduced below.
    "The idea of this image was to get three versions of the two Gaurs in the image. What is real what isn't? Earth? Heaven? or Hell? The reality lies in a dimension beyond our senses or reason.

    I dialed a narrow aperture and for 60% of the exposure kept the camera relatively still and then moved the camera upwards and then downwards to get two separate imprints of the two gaurs in the same frame. Would like your thoughts on this.

    Canon EOD 7D, 300mm f/4L IS USM
    SS 2 Sec
    ISO 200
    Full frame image."

    Congratulations Bibhav!
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