T-24 Not a man-eater rules NTCA

The National Tiger Conservation Authority has ruled that the Ranthambhore tiger T-24 which was branded as a man-eater and shifted to Sajjangarh Zoo is not a man-eater and wants it back in the jungle. It has questioned why the tiger was shifted to a zoo rather than to another forest.

The NTCA has come down heavily on the state forest department of translocating a tiger without its permission. It said that only a text message was sent to NTCA about the death of the forest guard stating that a report will be sent shortly.

The NTCA has said that the three attacks on people which formed the basis of declaring T-24 as the man-eater, had considerable gaps between them. Further it said “such incidents may be more closely described as consequences of chance encounters due to excessive human proximity to tiger”. It has also asked to regulate the unrestrained tourism activities going around Ranthambhore.

There is a continuous traffic of people to the temple inside Ranthambhore. That has to be stopped. Even so-called civilized well-to-do people start elbowing each other when they are standing in a cramped line to board an aircraft. One shouldn’t forget that we have to respect the minimum personal space of each species. Despite many so-called experts linked with Ranthambhore swiftly branding T-24 as a man-eater, it is good that there is a sane voice in form of NTCA. For more check: http://www.indiawilds.com/diary/indi...vol-7-issue-v/