No Concrete plan for mobilizing $100 billion for Climate Change

India’s Environment, Forests and Climate Change Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar has said that the world hasn’t yet seen any concrete action plan to mobilise $100 billion for climate change mitigation. He urged the developed world to declare its enhanced action plan for the second period of Kyoto Protocol.

Shri Javadekar outlined India’s actions for climate change mitigation and said that India has levied a Clean Environment Cess of $6 (Rs. 400) per tonne on coal. If the developed world follows India in taxing its coal production then $100 billion dollars can be easily raised. He urged the developed world to provide technological support to the developing nations in the fight against Climate Change.

The Minister highlighted that India is leading by example on mitigation and adaptation. Laying out the details of India’s action on Climate Change after the Paris Agreement, Shri Javadekar said that

India has targeted175 GigaWatt of Renewable Energy by 2022, out of which 40 GW Renewable Energy capacity has been achieved by March 2016. A total of 93 million LED bulbs have been distributed till April 12, 2016. This has resulted in energy savings of more than 33.3 million kWh every day

The Government has decided to leapfrog from Bharat Stage IV (BS-IV) to Bharat Stage VI (BS-VI) emission norms by April 1, 2020, thereby skipping BS-V emission norms altogether. This will help in reducing pollution“The Government has taken a decision to promote blending of ethanol with petrol and its use as an alternative fuel and has also taken a decision to tax SUVs and diesel vehicles”.