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Thread: A brief re-introduction

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    Default A brief re-introduction

    Hi all,

    I have been on IndiaWilds (at least on paper :P) for a long time, but over the past two years or so, I haven't been as active as I should be, since I was away on extended field work with very limited access to PC browser-based internet. I think a re-introduction is necessary.

    I am a 25-year-old marine biologist (IndiaWilds has helped me get there as well!) - primarily a fisheries & dolphin researcher, but I also do my own bit of education/awareness-raising work by way of popular writing on a variety of platforms, occasional public talks, conducting trails etc. Mumbai is where my home is, but my work keeps me mainly in the coastal Karnataka/Goa region, at least as of now. I travel the Western Ghats at least once a year (mainly for reptiles and amphibians), other than that I look for wildlife around wherever I happen to be staying. I love the Himalayas and North-East India, but rarely get to travel there (I jump on every practical opportunity I get). You will almost never find me in the fabled jungles of Central India and the Northern plains... No particular reason.

    I joined IndiaWilds as a kid looking forward to learning how to use a camera. My primary interest at that time was, and still is, macro photography. However, I have since gotten into using telephoto gear as well, mainly because my work requires that of me. Literally everything (yes, everything) I know about photography has come from this free, open forum and the critiques and comments I've received here from all the active members. The learning curve has been smooth and really not difficult at all. I have since taken up the task of moderating two of the forums here... And I need to do a lot more justice to that responsibility. Hopefully, now that I'm back to civilisation for a while, my participation will peak again.

    Always happy to catch up with members keen to look for wildlife of any kind. I am especially interested in our fast-disappearing marine wildlife, we could go looking for that too!

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    Nice to see a re-introduction from you . I think its been a few years since we last met, so you can upload a recent photograph too . Good to know that you are back in the internet world, so look forward to see (more photographs) and comments from you .

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