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Thread: Nasal salt secretion of Oriental Pratincole

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    Default Nasal salt secretion of Oriental Pratincole

    The documentation of the behaviours of different birds may be carried out either on the assumption based on extended and minute observations or on some inferences made from some suddenly made behavioural activities. Generally, if we guess beforehand some habit of a bird we can analyze what their next movements are going to be. Again, a bird may, at some awkward times do something in such an awkward manner that it becomes really difficult to find out what that weird behavior suggests. In many cases some minute movements which evaded my vision in the first hand, later caught my attention while viewing their photographs and could make some surprising conclusions about those movements.

    I went to Monglajodi, Orissa in the last winter season. There I was taking snapshots of a large flock of Oriental Pratincoles in the golden light of a fine clear morning and unawarely went very close to the flock. The Pratincoles were sitting on a dry earthen hillock in the middle of the water body. I chose a particular Pratincole as my target from the beginning. It was not because I saw some unusual behavior in the bird, but because it was favourably close to my camera. It was sitting there without much movement for quite a long time.
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