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Thread: Indiawilds appreciated in an article

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    Default Indiawilds appreciated in an article

    Though a dated (june 2016) article, i found it to be an interesting read . . . . . agree with most of the points, while i disagree with a couple of them . . .

    Especially nice was reading the last para, where Indiawilds was explicitly appreciated and the members applauded for their service to improving wildlife photography techniques.



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    Thanks Rajan!
    Good to hear that some people openly appreciate our efforts. Once the photography techniques are mastered to a reasonable degree, people can then click and document images which can help save our fast vanishing wilderness. As far as becoming great photographer is concerned, it is not just technique which matters. People believe that only a great camera and lens can help in clicking a good shot. It is not always the case. The IQ of the person is very important.

    It is also very important to learn the behaviour of the animal or bird or other wildlife species that one is photographing. Without learning the behaviour, one is likely to miss the shot. So one often finds good naturalists and biologists becoming better photographers then photographers who don't know animal behaviour. So our endeavour is to give holistic learning to people. And of course always we hope that the photographers help in documenting and saving our wildlife species and wilderness areas.

    When I was learning with a fully manual SLR more than two and half decades ago, there was no body to teach. As people in India often try to withhold information. IndiaWilds was one way of ensuring that others don't face the same problem. So we are trying to help everyone learn. However people often try to avoid mentioning contribution of all of us here. Nevertheless, I will be very happy if I come to know that some of the people who have learnt here have gone on and helped save wilderness areas and wildlife, through their documentation and advocacy. And it also gives us pleasure when we hear that our members have got accolades for their skills.


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