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Thread: Bamboo Pit Viper

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    Default Bamboo Pit Viper

    A very small Bamboo Pit Viper (Trimeresurus gramineus), from near the main taxi stand in Matheran. For the first time ever, we were on the verge of ending a Matheran trip without seeing any pit vipers. Then, just as we were catching a taxi to return, we spotted this guy on a roadside shrub.

    Canon 760D, Canon 100mm Macro USM
    SS 1/250
    Av 7.1
    ISO 1600
    Minor crop for composition
    Hand held on Live View
    There is some shake in the image, as I was shooting from an unstable position, holding the camera with my arms stretched out. However, I did not want to push the ISO further, and was already on a wide aperture setting.
    A contrast boost or deepening of the blacks can make the image look sharper; however, I have not applied any of it here.

    Comments & critique welcome.
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