The Government in its infinite wisdom has decided to allow Seaplane service in the ecologically fragile Chilika lake. So now seaplanes will land and take off from the Chilika waters. It has huge impact on the fragile ecosystem. The birds, vegetation, invertebrates and other micro organisms as well as fish are intricately linked in a complex web of ecological interrelationships. Seaplane service will disrupt that and have a huge impact. We have covered it in our IndiaWilds August 2018 issue.

We are directly raising our voice on behalf of IndiaWilds members and readers. Please spread the message as well as raise your voice. Tweets, emails directly to the ministers as well as spreading the word in social media will be of help. The Government will only listen if they feel that they are inundated with messages from many people. Please take action and keep us in cc or in tweets so that we can do followups.