Hi All,

I'm an amateur wildlife videographer, currently I'm using canon powershot sx60 hs to film wildlife videos. After a regular usage for a year I'm planning to buy a good upgrade to film videos in 4k and better framrates and image stabilization. Confused if I need to go for a interchangeable lens camera or a fixed lens camcorder, as I'm very much interested in wildlife and study along with filming I'm planning to take this interest to move full time and do some projects of my own.

As I have less knowledge on camera compared to many I need some suggestions, my upgrade should at least last 2years of equipment usage, hence, suggest if a camcorder is good or a DSLR. Also if I need to go for interchangeable lens or camcorder with built-in lens is good.

Any knowledge on above would be of great help.

I have sony pxw z280, canon xf705, canon c200, DSLR 5D Mark 4, in my views not sure if I'm thinking right. Please help find a solution.

Anil N