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Thread: Ricoh launches Theta Z1 360 deg camera

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    Default Ricoh launches Theta Z1 360 deg camera

    Ricoh launches THETA Z1 360 deg camera

    Ricoh's has announced its flagship THETA Z1 360° Camera offers 23 MP raw still photos and 4K videos. This camera will be highly useful as it offers high quality 360° photos and vidoes in a compact form factor.
    The Theta Z1 360° Camera uses dual 1"-type back-illuminated CMOS sensors. Ricoh claims that they have improved the algorithm so the resulting imagery from this camera will have low noise and also better spherical photos and videos.

    The Theta Z1 360° Camera has two 23MP sensors and two lenses which help capture two simultaneous wide-angle photos and the camera will automatically stich those into a seamless 360° image. The lenses have14 elements in 10 groups Despite its tiny form factor the camera offers users to select aperture from f2.1, 3.5, and 5.6 so one can use it for lowlight as well as for depth of field control.

    This camera has an automatic dynamic range compensation to ensure that highlights are not blown away.
    3 axis image stabilization feature is built-in into the camera. The microphones capture audio from four directions to give an immersive experience.

    This camera can help in Live stream to social media platforms or the Theta 360 dedicated website. One can also use the Remote Playback plug-in and a wireless receiver to display the photos/videos on a bigger screen.

    The THETA Z1 360° Camera has a built-in internal memory of 19GB. In today’s world where memory is cheap one can argue that this could have been higher.
    According to Ricoh one can record up to 5 minute clips in 4K and up to 25 minutes in 2K with a total of 40 minutes 4K and 130 minutes of 2K. It can record 300 raw stills or 2400 jpeg still photos. The battery will be sufficient for recording 60 mins of video or 300 photos.

    THETA Z1 is constructed from a magnesium alloy. There is a small 0.93" OLED to show the status.

    Price: $999.95 US Dollars
    Availability: April 2019
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