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Thread: Listing Conservation NGOs : Support for Conservation

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    Default Listing Conservation NGOs : Support for Conservation

    A lot of us, like me included, really love the wilderness and believe in conservation but our lives and jobs keep us away from the intense full t8me work it demands. Maybe if we create a list of conservation NGOs location wise, we can help them, support, them or reach out to them.

    When I drive through Maharashtra I see forests set on fire. I once saw a dead barking dear on a snare. Who do I reach out to? Who do I call? There’s a mangrove patch in the western suburbs of Mumbai which is being slowly dumped with garbage. Who does one call? Who does one follow up with? It’s so difficult to find the right people in the forest department and their contacts.

    Maybe if we maintain a list it will help us all?

    There is this committee called Mumbaimangroves.org. My past emails to them have yielded zero reply. Maybe our collective efforts can help us reach out to the right people.

    I for myself know this. Please feel free to suggest how else to do this, abbé separate threads for separate states?

    Maharashtra Forest Department Helpline : 1926
    I have called this number, it works and people on this number give you further numbers of required departments.

    https://www.mumbaimangroves.org Is the organisation one needs to get in touch with for mangrove related issues.

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    There are local Hon wildlife wardens of various states. Those people often have all the phone numbers with them and can quickly spread the message. Most of the time we don't know the names of the local forest department officers/offices/help lines and complaint numbers. May be we can try and collate all the micro details and then link up in Google maps or something. I am just thinking aloud.

    In the past we have mostly focused on keeping the numbers of MoEF, ministers, Chief ministers etc. A ground level list may be better. I would love to know what other think on this.

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    Yes I think grassroute level organisations are needed and I am sure they are there and we must have some way of sharing their numbers.

    While travelling through Wada and Jawhar areas of Maharashtra, I found all the locals indulging in shooting down birds with catapults. There aren’t any Myena or crows around certain Iried hard find some local NGO to help spread the message. Couldn’t find anything. BNHS connected me tith Rotary club who do some activity around there. Write to Rotary club. No response.

    What if conservation were for-profit. Would response be better? What if concerned people are willing to pay a little bit to get some much needed action.

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