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Thread: Equipment Selection for Making Documentary in Sundarban

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    Default Equipment Selection for Making Documentary in Sundarban

    Hello everyone

    Hope everyone is good. Back into the group after a long days. I want to share you something. I got a project where i am going to shoot a documentary in Sundarban (Bangladesh part) very soon. I worked in Sundarban couple of times but i didn't work as a cameraman there, this is the first time of my life and yes i am pretty exited too. Now the thing is i am a bit confused to choosing my gears. Especially in the camera & lens section. Which camera will be work better in Sundarban? I know its kind of a silly question i am asking but i am really confused.

    My Producer wants to use Sony A7r iii / canon 5D Mark iv.

    Will Camcorder be choice? Then which will be a good option? Sundarban is a very dense forest and i think without a long zooming capacity there i dont think i will get something.

    Our topic is climate change of Sundarban.

    Any suggestion will be warmly welcome.

    Thank you.
    Bizoy Mahmud

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    Good to hear this Bizoy!

    Most of the producers know about DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras so they talk about it. However, recording sound would be a challenge in DSLRs.
    If you want good colours then you can go for Canon. Sony needs to be massaged a bit to get the colours right. The lens choices will depend on the things that you are going to film.

    A lot can be shown under Climate Change. Are you planning to shoot interviews? Are you planning to show wildlife species? Or is it focused on the human impact of climate change? Unless we know what you are going to focus on it would be difficult to comment in detail.

    All the best!

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