Hello everyone

Hope everyone is good. Back into the group after a long days. I want to share you something. I got a project where i am going to shoot a documentary in Sundarban (Bangladesh part) very soon. I worked in Sundarban couple of times but i didn't work as a cameraman there, this is the first time of my life and yes i am pretty exited too. Now the thing is i am a bit confused to choosing my gears. Especially in the camera & lens section. Which camera will be work better in Sundarban? I know its kind of a silly question i am asking but i am really confused.

My Producer wants to use Sony A7r iii / canon 5D Mark iv.

Will Camcorder be choice? Then which will be a good option? Sundarban is a very dense forest and i think without a long zooming capacity there i dont think i will get something.

Our topic is climate change of Sundarban.

Any suggestion will be warmly welcome.

Thank you.