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Thread: Canon announces New 120MP and 2.7MP ultra high sensitive CMOS sensors

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    Default Canon announces New 120MP and 2.7MP ultra high sensitive CMOS sensors

    Canon Announces New 120 MP Ultra-High Resolution and 2.7 MP Ultra-High Sensitivity CMOS Sensors

    As image sensors are a driving force in innovating industries, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has announced two new CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductors) sensor products, the ultra-high resolution 120MXSI and ultra-high sensitivity 35MMFHDXSMA. These sensors help expand the company’s lineup of industrial vision products, and offer integrators and end users additional capabilities when developing solutions in a variety of applications.

    “As a result of Canon’s success in developing and manufacturing advanced CMOS sensors for our own purposes, we expanded to create a business platform offering select sensor capabilities for use in industrial vision applications,” said Kazuto Ogawa, president and chief operating officer, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “These two new CMOS sensors reflect Canon’s dedication to this new business, and reinforce our commitment to developing high-quality imaging solutions.”

    The 120MXSI sensor is built with the ability to produce clear, high-quality images, making it a great fit for integrators and end users developing applications such as machine vision, security, robotics, precision agriculture and healthcare. This 120-megapixel sensor is capable of simultaneous and discrete image capture in both the visible and near-infrared spectrumsat a maximum frame rate of 9.4 frames per second.

    Technical specifications of 120MXSI
    Filter Type
    Sensitivity (e/lx/sec)
    122 megapixels
    Effective Pixels
    13272h x 9176v
    Sensor Size
    APS-H (29.22mm x 20.20mm)
    Pixel Size
    2.2µm x 2.2µm
    Maximum Frame Rate (All Pixels)
    9.4 fps
    Shutter Type
    Dark Random Noise
    2.3e rms @ gain x8, Room Temperature

    The 35MMFHDXSMA sensor is capable of capturing monochrome imagery in extreme low-light environments where subjects would be near impossible to recognize with the naked eye. Removal of the color filter array doubles the sensitivity of the previously announced 35MMFHDXSCA sensor, providing even greater low-light capabilities. This sensor can meet a wide range of ultra-high-sensitivity needs when used as a component to support a multitude of applications developed by integrators and end users, including astrological observation, natural disaster monitoring, security and object detection, molecular and cell biology, and industrial vision.

    Large Pixel Sizes With Minimal Noise
    By using a progressively increasing electric field profile to efficiently transfer electrons off the large photodiode, Canon’s 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors can effectively leverage 19µm pixels while minimizing noise. Further, proprietary designs are leveraged to minimize dark current over long exposure times. These features, combined with a full area scan frame rate of 98fps at a resolution of 2160 x 1280, enable excellent imaging in applications requiring highly sensitive capture in low light.

    Technical Specifications

    Filter type
    Sensitivity (e/lx/sec @gain x1)
    1,100,000 (green)
    2.76 megapixels
    2.76 megapixels
    Effective pixels
    2160 x 1280 (Horizontal x Vertical)
    2160 x 1280 (Horizontal x Vertical)
    Sensor Size
    41.04mm x 24.32mm (Full Frame)
    41.04mm x 24.32mm (Full Frame)
    Pixel Size
    19µm x 19µm
    19µm x 19µm
    Maximum Frame Rate (All Pixels)
    98 fps
    98 fps
    Shutter Type
    Dark Random Noise
    2.2e rms @ gain x16
    2.2e rms @ gain x16

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