These days most people buying cameras go into Nikon, Canon or lately Sony.
I have been photographing and shooting since 2002. Over the years I have realised how important it is to use certain systems for certain jobs.

I have recently re-discovered Olympus as a wildlife superstar camera. Why?

Smaller sensor means smaller form factor for camera. Smaller and lighter lenses. When you are in the field all day with a backpack full of lenses, it will start mattering a lot.

Smaller sensor means deeper depth of field. Extremely crucial when photographing birds and small animals. We struggle to get the full bird in good focus on traditional full frame bodies.

Smaller sensor also means your lenses are cheaper and give more reach.

And the most useful thing is the latest announcement by Olympus for their 150-400 lens with built in 1.25 TC making it 375-1000mm equivalent of a traditional full frame range. This lens will work with and is compatible with Olympus 2x extender making its reach 2000mm. All on a handheld, lightweight lens.

The Olympus OM-D. Camera body is weather sealed and has 5 axis image stabilisation built into the body.

The Olympus Pen camera is awesome for candid and street.

My first digital camera was an Olympus E20. I still have it, though it ha developed some problems and now cannot be repaired. Must be close to 17-18 years old.

Lately Olympus has suffered at the hands of smartphones, with sales so down that the company is being sold away. But I wish more people would discover this amazing camera system and buy rather than being in her mentality and buying the regular.