I just made a post on celebrating Olympus.

This one is about Fuji Film cameras, another oft not in consideration camera.
I shoot a lot of wildlife so have an 80-400G always attached to my Nikon D850.

Changing lenses for wider shots was always an issue in a dusty field where you can also lose moments. Plus I wanted a smaller body camera with me all time. So I looked around and bought the FujiFilm XPro1. It looks like a traditional rangefinder with a hybrid screen. People who have never shot with range finders will be a little perplexed at first (your lens viewfinder is visible in the viewfinder but not in your image).

I use the XPro1 with only one lens, the 18mm. Itís roughly equivalent of 24-28 mm in full frame. But it gives me everything I need, candid street, landscapes, wider shots... I would have bought a macro if they had something with larger magnification than 1:1.

But I am so thrilled with the image quality! Fuji sensors donít need a low pass filter because of the nature of their construction. That is one plus point.

Then, the colours and tones which comes out, even in the raw image. It is sooooo beautiful. Compared to Nikon, Sony or Canon, the tones, colours, gradations etc in Fuji are magical. How I wished they had a full frame SLR type camera too.

Their faux Medium format GFX 100 is drool worthy. Alas I have only limited money. And Fuji lenses, while being brilliant are a tad expensive.