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Thread: Sachtler launches Aktiv fluid head

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    Default Sachtler launches Aktiv fluid head

    Sachtler launches aktiv fluid head:

    Sachtler has launched a new fluid head called aktiv. Sachtler brands it as a fluid head and tripod system which is built for speed. Sachtler’s slogan is “ When you have just one chance to capture the perfect shot, mount, level and lock the revolutionary aktiv™ fluid head in seconds.”

    Sachtler says that there are innovations filled in the aktiv fluid head. The unique SpeedLevel™ and SpeedSwap™ technologies in the aktiv fluid head delivers the fastest way to place and position your camera; adjust the level in an instant without ever taking your eye off the action; get closer to the ground than ever before for extreme low angle shots or swap between a tripod, slider, jib or even hand held without missing a beat. Capture the widest range of shots in the shortest time with aktiv.

    There is a new hardware for mounting a ball level fluid head on the tripod or slide and Sachtler calls it SpeedLevel. Most of the us while using our fluid heads take time. Often while trying to get set the tripod and film a fast unfolding situation, we lose time in balancing. There have been times when we have got the level wrong and horizon skewed or missed the most important moment while leveling. This SpeedLevel is built into the SpeedSwap base which is integrated into the aktiv fluid head. Sachtler promises speed as well as security.

    The aktiv fluid head is available as kits with Sachtler’s flowtech tripod legs. It is available in 75mm as well as 100mm and in different variants with different loading systems like S and T. The S is the sideloading plate system and the T is the touch and go plate on the fluid head. There are also spreader options like midlevel and groundlevel spreaders.

    Our fluid heads have a tie-down screw at the bottom and we had to level and then tighten it from the bottom. So tripod legs can’t go really flat as the bottom tie-down protrudes and will hit the ground. With the fluid head aktiv system Sachtler has made a clamp on the fluid head. This can be simply lifted and pressed to lock into the tripod legs. So the tripod can go flat in the ground and one can shoot low angle shots. Earlier, we used to shift the fluid head from the tripod to a high hat and place it on the ground to take low angle shots. It was a cumbersome process and we had to carry an extra item in the field. It used to be cumbersome and not easy for small crew shooting in the field especially in wildlife and documentaries. So the aktiv system promises a lot.

    Following are the aktiv systems available as complete kits along with Sachtler flowtech legs.

    The aktiv 6 and aktiv 8 options are in 75mm bowl. The aktiv 6 comes in 2 options of either mid-level spreader or ground spreader and can handle weight upto 8 kg and has only 3 drag settings. The aktiv 8 is branded as either aktiv 8 or 8T. with both having mid-level spreader and ground spreader options. The Aktiv 10 sports 100mm bowl and is meant for heavier camera systems.

    Only aktiv 6 fluid head: $1448.75 US Dollars
    Only aktiv 8 and aktiv 8T fluid heads cost: $1886.75 US Dollars
    The aktiv 6 with 75mm bowl flowtech legs cost $2517 and $2574 US dollars for midlevel and ground spreader respectively.
    The aktiv 8T system with 75mm bowl flowtech legs and bag costs $3040 US dollars.
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