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Thread: Canon shows off 250 Megapixel LI8020 Cmos sensor

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    Default Canon shows off 250 Megapixel LI8020 Cmos sensor

    Canon shows off 250 Megapixel sensor

    Canon has unveiled another 250 Megapixel sensor which is aimed at Industrial surveillance and some niche applications. This sensor is named as LI8020 CMOS sensor. The current 250 Megapixel sensor is an APS-H sized sensor, a size which used to be in Canon 1D Mark II/III/IV cameras.

    This processor is capable of reading the entire sensor at 5 fps. The signal read out is an amazing 1.25 billion pixels per second and still do 5 fps. It can also selectively read from a part of the sensor which canon calls region of interest. It can read from an 8K portion of the sensor in 24 fps and 4K 30fps in 10bits. Line skipping to read from the full sensor is also possible at 3.1fps in 12 bits.

    The pixel size is 1.5 m by 1.5 m.
    The number of effective pixels are 19568 x 12588


    Though this technology is not going to come to any of our consumer cameras, however, given the advancement in technology it is expected that some aspects of it can trickle down to our cameras in the near future.
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