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Thread: Canon EOS R5 + Atomos Ninja V+ now record 8K ProRes Raw

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    Default Canon EOS R5 + Atomos Ninja V+ now record 8K ProRes Raw

    Canon EOS R5 + Atomos Ninja V+ now record 8K ProRes Raw

    Earlier this year Atmos had announced that Ninja V+ monitor recorder will be able to record 8K ProRes Raw from Canon EOS R5. Now the firmware upgrade is available and one can start shooting in 8K ProRes Raw at 8K 30fps.

    The ProRes Raw will give greater flexibility in post production than the existing Canon Raw lite codec. One can easily change the White balance and ISO in postproduction. This promises to be very helpful in reducing the overheating issue faced by Canon EOS R5. This will hopefully increase the adoption of the EOS R5 among filmmakers.

    The Atomos Ninja V+ costs 1499 US Dollars. So this external ProRes Raw recording won't come cheap. For those with existing Ninja V+ units, it is a great boon.
    B&H Link to Atomos Ninja V+: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...1112239/SID/EZ

    Ninja V+ To Support 8K ProRes RAW From The Canon EOS R5 Now Available

    8K Apple ProRes RAW now available from the Ninja V+ & Canon EOS R5
    Join Atomos and content creator Levi Allen on the 7th September to hear all about the first ever content shot in 8K Apple ProRes RAW.

    Melbourne, Australia – 19th August 2021 – Atomos is thrilled to announce that the firmware announced earlier in 2021 for the Ninja V+ to support 8K ProRes RAW from the Canon EOS R5 is now available to download.

    Ninja V+ and 8K workflow
    Atomos and Canon are delighted to announce the ability for creators to capture stunning and pristine 8K ProRes RAW images from such an affordable, capable, and compact camera system. This will be a true game changer in content creation. When combined with the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera, the Ninja V+ will record 8Kp30 ProRes RAW.

    Apple ProRes RAW 8K provides an unparalleled combination of real-time, multi-stream editing performance, and impressive image quality preservation. The recently announced new features of white balance (WB) and ISO in Final Cut Pro gives creators even greater flexibility and control over their image processing during post-production.

    The Atomos Ninja V+ coupled with the benefits of the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera are placing the power with creators by combining the first affordable 8K solution that will propel content creators to a whole new level of production. Canon and Atomos have democratized 8K for the masses with no compromise in quality.

    Ninja V+ more power
    Redesigned with a stealth grey bezel and expanded processing power, the Ninja V+ delivers even more options for creators. Using the new Atomos Silicon chip, the AtomIC3, and the AtomOS 10 technology, the Atomos team re-engineered the Ninja V+ to meet the evolving needs of the creator. This innovation increased the power to record ProRes RAW at even higher frame rates and resolutions.

    ProRes RAW - the new standard for RAW
    ProRes RAW continues to build momentum in 2021 with over 30 cameras supported by Atomos, cementing its position as the industry standard for RAW video capture. ProRes RAW combines the visual and workflow benefits of RAW video with the incredible real-time performance of ProRes. The format gives filmmakers enormous latitude when adjusting the look of their images and extending brightness and shadow detail, making it ideal for HDR workflows. Manageable file sizes speed up and simplify file transfer, media management, and archiving. ProRes RAW is fully supported in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer, along with a collection of other applications including ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, Colorfront, FilmLight Baselight and Grass Valley Edius.

    Atomos 10.68 for Ninja V+ available here: https://www.atomos.com/product-suppo...t=ninja-v-plus

    To update Canon EOS R5 visit your local Canon website.
    Join Atomos and content creator Levi Allen on the 7th September to hear all about the first ever content shot in 8K Apple ProRes RAW.
    Sign up here: https://www.atomos.com/events
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