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Thread: Usage of Plastic bags in no plastic zone

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    Default Usage of Plastic bags in no plastic zone

    Last Sarurday we went to Ooty and the travelling was more fun than actually being in Ooty.

    What really disappointed me was the free usage\ disposal of plastic bags in no plastic zone areas.

    I had a chat with one of the lady selling flowers in a no plastic zone and it really surprised me that she was not even aware of the fact that using plastic is banned in that area.

    Can we do something about this? I am really not sure what could be the right approach to address this issue. Making rules is not good enough, getting them implemented at all levels is equally a big challenge.

    Your ideas\ inputs are welcome.

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    I too get disappointed when i travel to any hill station or picnic spot, because nowadays it is more of plastic that we see, than nature.

    Inspite of various boards and signs people use and throw plastic everywhere.

    I think what we can do is, instead of waiting for the government or the police to take action, we each one of us can stop throwing plastic and ask the people around us to do the same like friends or relatives we are travelling with.

    We can make them realise how it will affect the enviornment and make them spread the word.

    This is a very slow approach, but chances are it might bring a change.
    Mrudul Godbole

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    I agree with Mrudul. The only way to atleast make a begining is to stop using plastic ourselves and try and educate people as and when we see it happening. In Himachal plastic is banned and most shops and traders do not use plastic bags, using natural fibre bags or old new paper instead. But the holiday makers, tourists are upset about this and insist that the plastic bags be made available, since they are unable to carry the stuff bought locally in paper wrappings......
    Nothing much can be done about this till people, locals and tourists alike realise the huge damage they are doing to the ecology....
    Govt needs to step in, but at the same time, it is the people themselves and the locals that need to get sensitized to the gravity of the matter...

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