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If below message from British Council interests you.

"The UK Environment Film Fellowships have been awarded every year since 2005 to Indian environmental filmmakers, to create 12-15 minute impactful documentaries. Filmmakers can submit applications for either or both of the below mentioned themes:

Take Action – Case Studies of Individuals/ Communities/ Organizations in India successfully working towards reducing carbon emissions in India.
Impacts of Climate Change on Human Security in terms of Water, Food & Migration

This year there are two kinds of Fellowships

Full Fellowships: Four fellowships will be awarded, through a countrywide bidding process, to a team of environmental filmmakers and climate change professionals or institutions; to make 12- 15 minute documentaries on this year's theme
Aspirational Fellowships: Climate Change is affecting each one of us and we all need to share our story. We are inviting everyone to share their stories through a short two minute film. Ten fellowships of Rs 10,000 each will be awarded to original films based on the themes

For further details log onto The deadline of 20th December will be further extended.