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Thread: Last Kodachrome Film Roll developed

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    Default Last Kodachrome Film Roll developed

    The last remaining Kodachrome film Roll has been developed.The roll was used by its owner Dwayne Steinle.

    He shot pictures using the last roll in India and US.

    Kodachrome was discontinued in 2009 after competition from digital camersas.Dwayne Steinle is the sole developer remaining in the US.

    This film is known for its exceptional qualities and many have used it including me.

    The famous blue eyed Afghan girl was shot using Kodachrome film by
    Stee McCurry of NG in 1984.

    The final roll produced by Kodak was given to McCurry.

    The National Geographic is showing a film on this in 2011.

    I have fond memories of the film roll as in earlier times only film cameras were available.It was an experience in itself to open a rew roll of film carefully insert it into the camera and make sure that it is loaded properly.

    Normally one gets around 36 exposured using the roll film.I used to pride in myself because I used to get 40-41 exposures per film roll!(This I did by using only little bit of the film roll while loading)

    Then excitement was all around while giving the roll for developing and printing.We havn't seen the final rpoduct yet unlike the digital variety.

    I have my Nikon FM2 and a few rolls of films(All past usable date!) still with me.The Nikon is fungassed and shutter is not working!

    Happy memories of the film roll to all of you who have used it in the past.And those of you who havn't used a film roll in their life........what a miss!!!!!

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