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Thread: Tiger Poaching in BRT

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    Default Tiger Poaching in BRT

    A case of tiger poaching in BRT conservation reserve has been come to light. There were no bullet marks in the tiger skin recovered raising doubts that it might be poisoned. Tigers need inviolate areas. Whenever there are villages inside a tiger reserve, these things will continue. Sharing a report from ToI.

    Tiger Poaching in BRT
    HM Aravind, TNN | Jun 13, 2012, 10.49PM IST
    MYSORE: A six months old tiger cub has fallen prey to poachers. The cub is suspected to have been killed at BRT wildlife sanctuary, a tiger reserve in Chamarajnagar bordering Tamil Nadu.

    The poaching came to light following arrest of three who were netted by the forest department staff vigilance squad which posed as prospective buyers to lure them out. They were arrested at Siddiahnapura near Chamarajnagar and tiger pelt and bones recovered from them. The officials are trying to locate as to where the cub was killed.

    Sources told The Times of India that the cub is felled three days back given the freshness of the pelt. "How the big cat is felled is yet to be ascertained as there are no bullet marks on the pelt. It could be poisoned too," the sources stated. The officials are sending the pelt and bones to the Bangalore-based National Centre for Biological Studies for further examination. The sources stated that the gender of the cub could not be ascertained from the pelt but said it could be a female.

    Three arrested are Mahadev from Boodipadaga, Mahesh from Kullur and Narayan from Coimbatore. Two others escaped, the officials stated.

    This is second case of poaching reported from tiger reserves in Mysore-Kodagu-Chamarajnagar region. A tiger was killed in mid-February near Kushalnagar in the buffer zone of Nagarahole national park, which came to light on April 7 when the forest officials arrested one person at Naviluru in Periyapatna taluk in Mysore district. The arrested had later told the police that they killed the tiger when they went hunting for deer and came across the big cat. It was shot at and killed.

    The source article can be found here: Tiger poached in BRT wildlife sanctuary - The Times of India

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    Sabyasachi Ji,

    Close on the heels of the gruesome killing at Tadoba a few weeks back, the news from BRT is yet another heart breaking one indeed.

    According to figures released by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) an estimated 48 tigers have died in the first six months of 2012 alone compared to 56 tiger deaths reported in the whole of 2010 and 52 in 2011. While the NTCA confirmed that 19 of these deaths are clear-cut cases of poaching, wildlife experts claim poaching deaths could be much higher. Just goes to show the sorry state of affairs in India.

    Apparently, it seems that our Government are under the illusion that Tiger population might thrive just by declaring a NP/WLS as a Tiger Reserve. While nothing is being done to curb illicit trade of wildlife products, our Government has also failed to understand the need to win over people residing in villages around these reserves.

    Granting a princely compensation of a few hundred Rupees for loss of livestock to these villagers does not suffice. Refer Aditya Singh's blog, there has also been an gruesome instance a while back when a few villagers baited 2 sub-adult tigers with a poisoned goat carcass and killed them. It was their way of getting back at the siblings for having eaten 3 of their Goats !! It isn't hard to imagine why a financial loss of Rs.2,000 meant more to the villagers than 2 Tigers !

    Providing livelihood (and a pie of tiger tourism) to the villagers, providing better access to basic amenities, creating employment opportunities, providing education to their children, creating awareness on ill-effects of grazing in core/buffer areas, taking concrete steps to avoid man-animal conflicts, engaging the villagers in intelligence gathering & anti-poaching activities remain core issues which need to be addressed on a war-footing.

    Who bells the cat remains a conundrum.

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    Holistic perspective is missing. Declaring a Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park or Tiger Reserve is one part of the story. Enforcement is another. Relocation of villages from the forests is yet another story. Neither the funds allocation from the finance ministry is sufficient, nor strong will power to relocated villages is displayed by the forest department. So poaching continues.

    Some NGOs talk of creating hospitals, schools etc inside the forest for the villagers. Once these things happen, there wont be any incentive for the villagers to relocate. The villagers as of now have some incentive to shift to towns to avail better medical and education facilities. Else, we will create concrete jungles inside the forest and further fragmenting the habitat.

    Without strong enforcement, some of the villagers who had relocated return back to the forest. Just appeasing the villagers and appealing to their sensibilities and asking them not to poach wildlife is not enough.

    In Sariska the last of the tigers were poached by the villagers. One of them testified that he had to buy a milch cow and needed money. His brother-in-law promised him 8000 rupees and hence he agreed to help him in setting up the snare for the tiger and when the tiger got caught in the snare, then went and killed the helpless tiger.

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