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Archive for April, 2012

  • IndiaWilds Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue IV

    Legalise War on Wildlife? IndiaWilds Newsletter Vol. 4 Issue IV Legalise War on wildlife? Is that the only solution? Do we allow culling of our wild animals? This and much more The Homo sapiens are […]

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  • Road Kills in Chinnar Road and Aliyar

    Road Kills between 9 / 6 and Chinnar Check posts and in Aliyar Attakatti check posts, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamilnadu Highway that goes through forest bisects the habitat and pose severe problem for wildlife […]

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  • Shoulderpod: Bush Hawk 320D

    BushHawk 320D Many of you have been asking me, so I thought of writing this review of the Shoulderpod: Bush Hawk 320D. I have been photographing handheld from the back of an elephant for a […]

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  • LCDVF Viewfinder for Filming

    LCDVF Viewfinder for Filming using DSLRSs Filming with a DSLR presents its own challenges. One of them being the small LCD at the back which doesn’t help in focusing. With the AF in the […]

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